Biggest Metal Festival in Japan: Loud Park

  • Since 2006, One of the most famous Metal music festival is being held in the Metropolitan area in Japan, on weekends, every October.
    Very famous bands from all over the world come every year. (e.g. Dream Theater, Arch Enemy, DragonForce, etc… were coming there in 2014.) and of course you can see some Japanese metal bands.
    In addition to orthodox metal, it includes various genres, like Slash Metal, Core Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Speed Metal, Gothic Metal, Hard Rock, Rock ‘n’ Roll.
    This year 2015, it is already decided to be held on 10th and 11th of October at Saitama Super Arena.

    Some seats are available around stages, so if you’re tired you can always relax there.
    But of course front of the stage is going to have a mosh-pit, so when you are excited you can get down there to mosh with crazy Japanese metal freaks!
    And some bands are having open autograph sessions as well as merchandise stalls. Those have very long lines every year, so it is better to arrive earlier , if you would like to get it for sure.

    During the live, you can go outside to eat or drink something.
    There are some food stalls and bars around.
    So you can eat and drink(including alcohol), if you get hungry during festival.
    Usually Thai, Hawaiian, Kebab, and Japanese food stalls are set up around there.

    The tickets can be bought through Japanese e-ticket services within the country. The options to buy the ticket will be announced on the official website, and the price is usually about 15000 Japanese yen every year, but it actually depends on the type of the ticket. (e.g. in advance, on the door, including T-Shirts, or something like that).

    The following is the link to the official web site.
    You will be able to obtain more information soon!

    Loud Park website