Join in the Fun and Get Dancing at Shibuya Street Dance Week 2016!

  • Did you know that street dance is actually a famous dance genre in Japan? Apart from their traditional dances, the Japanese, especially the younger generation, are also huge fans of this dance that originated from African-American culture.

    Along with the popularity of street dance among the Japanese, there is an event called the Shibuya Street Dance Week (SSDW) where goers can watch and learn street dance from professional dancers including Zeebra, Red Print, Twiggz Fam, Tokyo Gegegay (東京ゲゲゲイ), and so much more!

    Happening this November 19 and 20, 2016 at different venues and along the streets of Shibuya, the SSDW 2016 has various activities in store for everyone. Check out some of the event highlights below!

    Join the Flash Mob

    The theme song for the flash mob on the day of the event is Tokyo Gegegay’s “Mayuge Futoi,” literally “Thick Eyebrows” in English. Kato Ryo (加藤諒), a multitalented Japanese actor who has appeared in dramas and variety shows, participated in the instructional video of the flash mob dance. So before heading to SSDW 2016, watch the video below and practice so that you can dance along with everyone on the day of the event!

    Date: November 20 (Sunday), 15:50~
    Venue: Yoyogi Park BLUE STAGE (Outdoor Stage)

    Learn simple choreography at the SHIBUYA STREET SHOW

    At the SHIBUYA STREET SHOW, you can get to watch the female dance group Red Print perform, and participate as they give out lectures on simple dance choreographies.

    Date: November 19 (Saturday), 13:00~13:30, 17:00~17:30
    Venue: Shibuya Mark City East Mall 1F Event Square

    Watch performances on the BLUE STAGE

    With artists such as Tokyo Gegegay and Twiggz Fam performing on the BLUE STAGE, you will surely witness the best dance numbers here.

    Date: November 20 (Sunday), 12:00~12:40, 14:30~16:15
    Venue: Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage

    Cheer high school dancers at the SSDW CONTEST

    Here, you can watch high school students battle it out as they perform street dance against other high school teams.

    Date: November 20 (Sunday), 12:40~14:15, 16:10~16:30
    Venue: Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage

    Watch teams battle it out at the BATTLE PARK

    Teams composed of dancers from four different dance genres (hip-hop, pop, lock, and freestyle) will compete at the BATTLE PARK. Only one team will reign as the winner at the end of the day!

    Date: November 20 (Sunday), 11:30~
    Venue: Yoyogi Park Kuyaki Namiki

    Other event highlights to look forward to

    There will also be a Special Talk Show with Zeebra, Haruki Horie (堀江ハルキ), and MC RYU who will be discussing what dancers today need to do in order to better develop the future of Japanese dance scenes. However, the participants are only limited to 50 and the application to participate has already ended.

    Date: November 19 (Saturday), 15:00~
    Venue: studio mission

    At the LECTURE SPOT, you can receive dance lessons from professional dancers of different genres for free! Anyone of any age can participate as there are children and adult workshops. Please note, however, that only 100 people can participate in every lecture and that application is on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the event.

    Date: November 20 (Sunday)
    11:10~ Contemporary dance
    12:20~ House
    13:30~ Hip-hop
    Venue: Yoyogi Park event space

    There will also be a COMMUNICATION BOOTH wherein social initiatives and activities of groups that incorporate street dance into education and community service will be introduced.

    Date: November 20 (Sunday), 10:00~16:00
    Venue: Yoyogi Park event space

    In 2015’s Shibuya Street Dance Week, approximately 13,500 people participated and even more participants are expected for SSDW 2016. Rain or shine, the event will push through!

    So whether you are really into dancing or just looking for a fun activity this weekend (November 19 and 20), head on down to the Yoyogi Park and participate in the Shibuya Street Dance Week 2016! The best of it all is that the event is free, so what are you waiting for? Make sure to drop by the event and don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes!

    For more event information and details, check the SSDW website.

    Shibuya Street Dance Week Website *Japanese only
    Access: Yoyogi Park / Shibuya Mark City / studio mission

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