Travel the World in One Day! Aichi Prefecture Unique Museum

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  • The Little World (Museum of Man)

    Located in Inuyama-shi, Aichi-ken, The Little World Museum of Man is the place that can give you the feeling of travelling around the world without having to go out of Japan, and of course you do not need a passport!

    To go there, you can take Meitetsu train from Nagoya Station to Inuyama Station. The journey is about 30 minutes. From Inuyama Station, you can take Gifu Bus Community for 20 minutes to The Little World.

    In The Little World, you can enjoy various experiences. You can try on national costumes at the every stop or country you visit. The fees to try on the costumes are very affordable. There are various sizes of costumes so if you bring your child with you, your child can also try the costumes on. This will be a very memorable experience for the children.

    You have to walk quite a lot if you want to go to every place here. But if you feel tired, you can use the bus provided with a round-trip ticket. The bus departs from the platform and goes along the exhibition’s road every 10 to 15 minutes. The round trip takes about 20 minutes.


    To make the walk interesting especially for children, you can also start the trip with a passport that is provided by the Little World for only 300 yen. At every checkpoint, you will find a stamp and if you managed to get stamps from all of the checkpoints you will get a present in the end. This will be very interesting for the children, and I am sure they will be very excited to search for and collect all of the stamps.

    On your trip, you can also see various performances by the artists from all over the world. They play ethnic music, do acrobatics and a lot more. I am sure you will enjoy their shows.

    There are also various shops that sell souvenirs and pictures of the countries that you visit. You can get any kind of souvenirs here, from foods and snacks, keychains, toys, and more.

    The Little World Museum of Man is a very beautiful place and it offers us additional knowledge about other countries. Although you do not really visit the countries, but when you go there, you will feel like you are really there. I hope you will enjoy yourself to the fullest if you go there!

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