3 places to take your kids to in Tokyo

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  • Where to go in Tokyo if you have kids with you?

    Everyone in the world already knows Disneyland. And if you are planning a trip to Japan with your kid, you might be thinking of going to Disneyland in Chiba or Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

    But where else can you go with your child if you are going to stay in Tokyo for longer?
    Here are three suggestions:

    KODOMO NO SHIRO or National Children’s Castle


    Although carrying such a name, the place itself looks nothing like a castle. It is a five-story building with activity areas on each floor.
    From the very first to the top floor, kids and even babies can enjoy almost everything!
    There is a music room, two grand pianos, some toys and real drums and other musical instruments can be played in this floor.

    If the child gets tired, there is a video library room, where the kid can pick a DVD and watch it in his own personal booth.
    There is also a pool and a gym. In the gym, staff prepare games like tag or cops and robbers for the children. It’s like a school P.E. class.

    On the rooftop, there are a few small bicycles for little kids to enjoy, and there are also slopes kids can run up and down.

    This building is located in Shibuya, so it is pretty easy to get there, and the entrance fee is cheap as well.

    Kodomo no Shiro website *Japanese only



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    Sanrio Puroland is a bit far from the center of Tokyo, it is located at TAMA CENTER, and the entrance fee is a bit pricey. Nonetheless, your child, or those of you young at heart, will definitely love the place especially if you are fond of Sanrio Characters.


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    Sanrio Puroland is the home of Sanrio Characters!


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    This indoor amusement park, holds programs and a parade of Sanrio characters. You will be engrossed with their dancing and singing. Who knew Hello Kitty and Friends are such awesome dancers and singers?

    A whole day’s program is written on the brochure that is located at the entrance. So, you can never be idle in this place. Even if there is a free time on the program’s timetable, you can enjoy Sanrio character rides!

    Sanrio Puroland website



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    KODOMO NO KUNI or Children’s Land ( Children’s Country) is located in the vicinity of Yokohama.
    It might be too far, but the entrance fee is really reasonable.

    This Children’s land is a huge park! There are no amusement rides, but there are many other things in store in this place.

    There are lots of playgrounds to choose from, there is a pool to swim in during summer, hills and grassy land to have picnics on, a little farm can also found there.

    There is a space where kids can draw on the road using colored crayons.
    This wide park is enclosed, so you may never worry for a kid running on the loose.

    Kodomo no Kuni website

    Japan’s population is decreasing, but it doesn’t stop offering children hope and fun. Children will always be one of the top priorities in this country. So, don’t leave your kids behind! Come and enjoy Japan with your whole family!

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