The Cheapest Way to Spend the Night in Japan: Capsule Hotels!

  • Have you ever heard of capsule hotels?
    Capsule hotels are a type of lodging facility unique to Japan. They do not exist overseas, and they offer a simple bed inside a box-like capsule.
    This type of hotels allow you to maintain a higher degree of privacy than dormitories, and since they are not to be seen anywhere else in the world, their popularity is increasing among foreign visitors.

    Accommodation & Facilities

    Guests sleep in capsules about the size of one mattress, lined-up on both sides of a corridor.
    Depending on the hotel, they may have other services such as large common bath, restaurant, or massage parlour, available 24 hours a day.
    Inside the capsules, which are equipped with air conditioning, guests can recharge their electric devices or watch TV.
    Some hotels also offer amenities such as shampoo or body soap.
    There are even some fashionable hotels like these.


    They are a lot cheaper than other hotels. In Tokyo, the stay usually costs between 3000 and 4000 yen per night, the cheapest price being around 2000 yen.
    A stay at a business hotel is usually between 6000 and 7000 yen, so capsule hotels are a really good deal.

    At the end

    You can make reservations through travel websites too, so how about giving them some consideration?