Unveiling Japan’s Secrets: Tomigusuku, Okinawa

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  • Located in the Southern part of Japan, Okinawa Prefecture is a a group of hundreds of Ryukyu Islands chaining around 1,000 kilometers long. With more than a hundred islands, the prefecture is filled with awesome sceneries, hidden coves and untamed forests. Let us take a look at Tomigusuku, a city of Okinawa and explore its beauty.

    1. Old Military Headquarters

    The old military headquarters consists of several meters of underground tunnels. If Hiroshima will give you a heart wrenching remains of the victims of the atomic bomb, the headquarter tunnels will take you to empathize with the Japanese soldiers during World War II. One heartbreaking story of the labyrinth of tunnels is the one that will lead you to small rooms where Japanese commander and 174 of his staffs committed suicide rather than dishonor their country by being captured.

    2. Ashibina Outlet Mall

    The Ashibina Outlet Mall is a combination of high end stores and regular chains. Take note of the mall’s seasonal sales to get a huge bargain and discounts on the selected stores. But the outlet mall is more than shopping and getting great discounts but its a beautiful place surrounded by gardens and the sea.

    3. Toyosaki Kaihin Koen


    The Toyosaki Haihin Koen is a nice place to spend the day with the family. It has a barbeque area, restaurants, basketball courts and facilities such as bathroom and showers in case you want to take a dip in the sea. It is an beautiful and spacious spacious beach with a perfect sunset.

    4. Senega Jima Island

    For a unique stroll, take a quiet one in the Senega Jima Island. There is a park in the island perfect for families with young children. But what makes the island a great place for a day excursion is that it is a great place to watch planes fly as it is just several meters away from the airport. With the picturesque waters in the background, the view of the planes as it ascends or descends the sky is breathtaking.


    Okinawa is a place known for its beautiful diving spots and castle and temple ruins. But if you explore each of the hundreds of islands, Okinawa is a place of historical treasures, sightseeing and numerous nature encounters.

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