Got a Sweet Tooth? Eat All the Dessert You Want at SWEETS PARADISE!

  • Who doesn’t like sweets?

    Even people who are following strict diet plans by pledging to consume minimal sweets sometimes fall weak before a hoard of delectable sweet delights. There are just times when we crave for sweets. And once again, Japan gives us one of its over-the-top services catering to the sinful-slash-irresistible calling for more of those sugar-filled cuisines.

    If the force is strong and you feel yourself falling into the sweet dessert trap, then stop resisting! You don’t always get to visit a shop that offers some of the best sweets in Japan. Might as well give it a try.


    Staying true to its name, this shop houses a full buffet of mouth-watering desserts fit for various eating preferences. Their popular selection includes cakes, pasta, custards, pudding, pastries, and more! Best thing is, they are all offered in an all-you-can-eat buffet for a standard price of 1,530 yen for adults! Children age 12 and under costs 860 yen, while 3-year-old kids and under are free.

    SWEETS PARADISE has several branches all over Japan, but if you’re in Tokyo (東京), visiting its Shinjuku (新宿) branch is most convenient. So if you’re eyeing for a chance to treat your sweet tooth to lots of high-quality desserts, then dropping by the shop on your way home is the best way to do it!

    The Star of the Sweet Buffet: ICE CREAM!

    Cakes might have a special spot in our hearts and puddings might be real sweethearts. But when it comes to the ultimate star of all desserts, ice cream undeniably takes on the throne.

    Aside from its variety of flavorful selection, it’s cold and creamy texture that melts in our taste buds every time we take in a spoonful makes the dessert so hard to resist! More importantly, you can mix whatever flavor you want in one pile without diluting the taste of each blend. Talk about experimenting on flavors!

    For just an additional 200 yen, anyone can already enjoy the all-you-can-eat ice cream treat on top of other desserts. But just because SWEETS PARADISE is giving you the full freedom to stuff yourself with as much sweet as you want doesn’t mean that the products are low-grade. Their ice cream treats come from internationally recognized brands like Häagen-Dazs and Il Gelato, making the selection worth your every penny.

    For the Häagen-Dazs brand, they have flavors such as:

    • Green tea
    • Blueberry
    • Vanilla

    From the Il Gelato line, they have flavors such as:

    • Hokkaido melon
    • Strawberry
    • Mango
    • Rum raisin
    • Hokkaido milk coffee
    • Ramune

    No need to worry as well if you can’t decide which flavor tastes better. Just have a go at all the flavors and find out for yourself!

    What else to expect from SWEETS PARADISE?

    25 cake selections to tease your taste buds!

    There are at least 25 varieties of cake featuring some of the fan-favorites alongside new ones and even seasonal treats. If you’re celebrating a special event, for instance, you might want to go for the seasonal treats for an added touch. Feel free to call the shop in advance or visit their official website to view their newest offers!

    10 satisfying pasta!

    If you feel like eating something heavier and carb-packed before digging into your favorite sweets, pasta are favorite go-to options. The shop offers at least 10 varieties fit for varied preference.

    Choose a drink!

    Of course, enjoying the whole buffet wouldn’t be complete in the absence of satisfying drinks to quench our thirst and even boost our appetite. At SWEETS PARADISE, all of the common picks such as juice, iced or hot tea, iced or hot coffee, soft drinks, and more are available. Cheers!

    Birthday bash for your loved ones!

    For those who want to give an added sweet twist to a birthday celebration, SWEETS PARADISE might just be your best pick. Aside from its accessibility, it also gives you a good venue to enjoy a small gathering with your guests among a plethora of sweet confectionery.

    Just make sure to make a reservation in advance in case the attendees exceed four people. By then, you will need a larger space to sit together – something which has to be arranged beforehand.

    SweePara Day

    To invite more visitors and reward avid ones, the shop celebrates SweePara Day. It’s like an anniversary celebration where they offer their sweet buffet at lower prices for just about 1,000 yen. It’s a perfect time to drag some of your friends and enjoy eating desserts at discounted prices.

    However, since lots of people (both local and foreigners) are expected to flood the event, you might want to call the shop ahead of time to make a reservation. Otherwise, you will need to endure the long lines on the actual event. For schedules of this celebration, visit the shop’s official website.

    Practicing moderation in everything we do is a vital key in staying healthy. But when the force of sweet delight is too strong, we’re always welcome to break our routine once in a while to savor some of the most exquisite desserts that Japan has to offer.

    At SWEETS PARADISE, there’s no need to hop from one food shop to the next to have a taste of different cuisines. The place already offers you a complete array of food choices to satiate your sweet cravings!

    Whether you’re visiting the place alone out of pure curiosity or coming in with your friends and family, this shop is a real sweet heaven. Savor the fine taste of sweets, pastas, custards, and pastries once you take a break from your trip in central Tokyo.

    Not in Tokyo? Don’t fret. SWEETS PARADISE has branches all over Japan. Just visit its official website and browse through the list with their addresses. Enjoy your sweet escapade!


    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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