Celebrate Christmas 2016 With These 6 Cakes Available at Tokyo Station

  • It is now less than a month until Christmas 2016, and I personally think that one of the most important aspects of Christmas, apart from getting together with family and friends, is the Christmas cake. With the slightly recently renovated Tokyo (東京) Station, there is now a large department shop area called GRANSTA where you can buy different Christmas cakes among other things.

    Here are some of the various cakes that are available for pre-order so you can pick them up just in time for your Christmas dinner. Some of these are limited to GRANSTA, so if you are in the Tokyo Station area, I highly recommend considering one of these 6 cakes to top your Christmas dinner table with.

    1. PIERRE MARCOLINI’s Noël de Pierre 2016

    Pierre Marcolini is globally famous for his vast knowledge and expertise on chocolate that he acquired through traveling around the world and his creativity that pushes the boundaries of creating desserts.

    The Noël de Pierre 2016 (Japanese only) is only available at the PIERRE MARCOLINI in Tokyo Station. This cake is Marcolini’s modern/minimalist take on Santa Claus. The sweetness of cocoa butter and its combination with the slightly sour taste of red berries create a wonderful harmony in your mouth. The milky texture of the cake and the sweet fragrance of strawberries is reminiscent of the strawberry cakes that everyone ate during their childhood.

    The reservations for this cake for Christmas 2016 have already started and will continue as long as they’re not yet sold out. (Upon checking with the shop, they said there’s only a few left!) You can pick them up anytime between December 16th and the 26th as they do not deliver the cakes due to their delicate nature. Why not add this cute Santa Claus cake to your family’s festivities this season?

    PIERRE MARCOLINI Website *Japanese only

    2. CHEESE CAKES FORMA’s Christmas Cheesecakes

    FORMA is a handmade specialty cheesecake store. They use cream cheese produced in Zao creating a special soft texture that has customers coming back for more of their delicious cheesecakes.

    There are 4 Christmas cakes (Japanese only) available: Neige Xmas, Tiramisu Xmas, Rouge de Noel, and Pistache Noel. The Neige Xmas is FORMA’s staple two-layer mascarpone cheese and strawberry mousse made in the image of a winter mountainscape. The Tiramisu Xmas is a mascarpone cheese mousse with a chocolate chiffon cake base and an organic coffee jelly top. The Rouge de Noel is a strawberry raw cheesecake with strawberry jelly on top. The Pistache Noel is a mascarpone cheesecake with pistachio mousse.

    These cream cheese based cakes are perfect accompaniments for wine on Christmas Eve. You can make reservations for these Christmas cakes until December 18th, 2016.

    CHEESE CAKES FORMA Website *Japanese only

    3. R.L waffle cake’s Xmas Waffle Dolce

    R.L is one of the first companies to bring waffles into Japan and their staple product, of course, is their waffle cake. For the Christmas season this 2016, R.L is selling their Xmas Waffle Dolce (Japanese only) as a new style of Christmas cakes. These waffle cakes are perfect for parties with a lot of people because they are sold in pre-cut pieces and they also come in various size packages (6, 12, and 27 pieces).

    Each set comes with two different flavors: strawberry and chocolate. The strawberry waffle cakes feature a piece of strawberry chocolate, a plain waffle, and whipped cream with yellow peaches. The chocolate waffle features a chocolate waffle with chocolate ganache cream, a chocolate truffle, a layer of chocolate cream, and another layer of chocolate chip chocolate custard cream. (Wow, that’s a lot of chocolate.)

    These waffle cake sets are available until December 24th, 2016.

    R.L waffle cake Website *Japanese only

    4. Fairycake Fair’s Christmas Cupcakes

    Fairycake Fair is a handmade cupcake store. They make sure that their cupcakes are as fresh and natural as possible so they do not use any preservatives. Their delicious cupcakes are now available in specially decorated Christmas versions (Japanese only). The adorable cupcakes come in various designs such as Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, a reindeer, a polar bear with a cute Santa hat, etc.

    The cuteness of these cupcakes will make you a little hesitant to eat them, but they are perfectly photogenic and are definitely worth doing a photo op with before enjoying their deliciousness. You can make reservations for these cupcakes up to December 21st, 2016.

    Fairycake Fair Website *Japanese only

    5. La Terre’s Christmas Cakes

    La Terre is offering 9 different types of Christmas cakes (Japanese only) this 2016: the Fairy Tale Christmas, Strawberry Special Shortcake, Low-Sugar Christmas Cheesecake, Strawberry White Christmas, Christmas Chocolat, Noel Double, Caramel Buche de Noel, Christmas Rouge, and Hexenhaus. The reservation deadline for all of these cakes is December 19th, 2016 except for the Hexenhaus which the deadline is December 15th.

    The Fairy Tale Christmas is a special cake featuring a thick chocolate ganache with cherry compotes, accompanied with handmade marzipan, and a small house made of chocolate and berries. The Strawberry Special Shortcake is a shortcake with copious amounts of strawberries placed both inside and outside of the cake. The Low-Sugar Christmas Cheesecake is, as the name suggests, made without using sugar or flour. But in order to keep the sweetness in the cake, there is a berry confit in the center.

    The Strawberry White Christmas is the best-selling cake and is a Christmas twist on the traditional strawberry shortcake. The Christmas Chocolat is a chocolate cake with a nut based cream with almonds and lemon peels. The Noel Double is a double-layered cheesecake and is one of the staple cakes at La Terre. The Christmas version of the popular menu features an adorable snowman motif.

    The Buche de Noel is a soft caramel flavored roll cake with chocolate cream and caramel sauce. The Christmas Rouge is a log-shaped mascarpone cheese mousse based cake with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Lastly, the Hexenhaus is part of a German Christmas tradition where this gingerbread house is displayed from the end of November until Christmas. The house itself is, of course, edible after having it on display as the cookie is perfect to be dipped in hot milk or coffee.

    La Terre Website *Japanese only


    DALLOYAU is an old time pastry/cake shop that has its origins in the 17th century, Versailles. DALLOYAU began as a gathering of specialists in chocolate, pastries, sorbets, etc. and has become a symbol of the combination of tradition and innovation of French desserts.

    Although availability will vary depending on the time you visit the shop at Tokyo Station, there are 18 types of Christmas cakes (Japanese only) that are available at DALLOYAU. They have Buche de Noels, strawberry cakes, chocolate cakes, and cute motif cakes that come in shapes of hearts, teddy bears, and even snowmen.

    DALLOYAU Website *Japanese only

    Most of these shops require reservations beforehand and pick-up at Tokyo Station, so I highly recommend getting the reservations done as soon as possible. I have listed some stores that have delivery options so if you are not in the area of Tokyo Station, you can still have them brought to your door. Why not add a new Christmas tradition to your dinner table this 2016 with these delicious and beautiful cakes?

    Tokyo Station Website

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