See Your Favorite Kit Kat Flavors Transform Into Gorgeous Anime Guys!

  • Kit Kat’s immense popularity around the world is no news, so as its solid fanbase in Japan. I have yet to see a country that can ace Japan when it comes to worshipping this popular chocolate favorite by producing some of the most unique, bizarre, and over-the-top variations fit for a specific group of people.

    Really, the craze and reverence are amazing.

    Apparently, one creative artist who loves anime and Kit Kat decided that if Japanese markets can think of placing the chocolate in jars or putting some of the bars in croissants, why not transform their delectable flavors to good-looking bishounens (beautiful boy) for the ladies?

    The following gorgeous character designs were created by an artist who goes by the online username “Cioccolatodorima.” The artist shares his or her works through popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and pixiv.

    The art results, however, weren’t officially used in any promotional strategies by Nestlé, but the idea is nothing short of effective in captivating the attention of anime fans who love looking at hot anime guys!

    Let’s dive into the flavors with their corresponding anime hotties!

    Kit Kat Original

    Who doesn’t love the original Kit Kat flavor? This character design is a classic boyfriend material perfectly representing the classic Kit Kat flavor the whole world has come to love! So if you’re a fan of handsome anime guys in suit and tie, this original representation might just be your cup of tea!

    Kit Kat White

    If you’re among those who love the dominant sweet sensation of chocolates, then Kit Kat White is a great go-to pick! Its corresponding character design is represented by a shy-looking guy sporting slightly curly hair that begs to be ruffled!

    Kit Kat Dark

    Love the strong, bittersweet taste of dark chocolate? This variation satisfies your cravings just like how its character art leaves that memorable impression with his smart looks and tan complexion. His dark clothing, slightly curly hair, and square-rimmed glasses complement each other in achieving that handsome, dark, and mysterious aura!

    Kit Kat Strawberry

    Love the appeal of effeminate guys with oozing sweetness? This character design shows it perfectly! The light pink highlight of the character’s hair and clothing, plus that tiny strawberry item attached to his sailor cap, make it clear what type of flavor he represents even without the label!

    Kit Kat Matcha

    Green tea’s popularity in Japan is undeniable, so it isn’t a surprise to see Kit Kat bars sporting that familiar matcha taste on its wafer coating. Its anime counterpart, as per the artist’s design, is a green-haired guy wearing a traditional Japanese clothing while holding a wooden tea cup. He sports a calm look, perfect for embodying the calming effect of the Japanese matcha!

    Kit Kat Wasabi

    Ah, wasabi – that prominent Japanese condiment known for adding that unique spicy tinge on your food. This character design brings out that sort of traditional bad boy aura, particularly highlighted by the guy’s playful grinning face.

    The artist chose a similar green highlight just like the matcha flavor but placed a stark, visible contrast on the character’s bearing. Whereas Kit Kat Matcha-kun appears cool, Wasabi-kun is blazing hot! So in character!

    Kit Kat Sake

    Ladies who have their eyes on elegant men will love the character representation of the traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage, sake. The guy wears a traditional clothing with beautiful floral prints while holding a glass of sake. His looks embody that certain appeal of nobility. The falling pink petals in the background also added to the serene atmosphere that the character brings out.

    Kit Kat Cheesecake

    Do you have the hots for megane guys (guys with glasses)? If so, this design is for you! The artist’s Facebook caption says something like, “It’s bakeable!” as seen on the chef or baker’s outfit worn by the character. He’s got that knowing look that conveys confidence and mastery in his craft.

    Kit Kat Strawberry Cheesecake

    It’s strawberry and cheesecake combined! It’s quite difficult to describe in words the appeal of its design, but it more or less appears to provide a direct contrast between strawberry’s intense flavor and strawberry cheesecake’s gentle one, thus the dark sailor outfit over the character’s light hair color and pale complexion.

    Those who like cute-looking guys with an air of mystery will most likely have this on the top of their list!

    Kit Kat Blueberry Cheesecake

    This one’s the young and confident type with a slight air of superiority in him. The character’s blue sailor uniform also fits perfectly with his white hair, giving him a fresh and cool look!

    Kit Kat Cookies & Cream

    Why settle for one flavor when you can have two? Cookies & Cream is a favorite for Kit Kat fans who love the combined sweet taste of chocolate and cookies. This design perfectly embodies the flavor with its dominant black and white highlight from the character’s hair to his clothing.

    Oh, and in case you missed it, look closer on his headdress or cap. Is that a cookie?

    Kit Kat Orange

    Remember that time when you fangirl over that anime guy who was so laid back and easy-going you can’t help but swoon over? Kit Kat Orange’s character design brings you back to that feeling. The guy’s casual look and carefree gesture add up to his friendly and welcoming look – a great match for anyone who fancies happy-go-lucky guys!

    Kit Kat Mint

    Another green-haired bishie (short for bishounen) on the list! Kit Kat Mint’s character design is the epitome of a casual cool guy sporting smart and mysterious eyes hidden beneath those light green-tinted glasses! He looks like that guy you can always rely on for help or that guy who always brings you trouble. Cool as mint!

    Japan has established itself as being a pioneer in innovation and this clearly extends to the delicacies they offer. In the country alone, Kit Kat is known to have over 200 unique flavors excluding seasonal and special offers created by some shops.

    The idea to represent the different flavors of this popular chocolate, which is also known worldwide, using anime is a brilliant craft that might just be used in the future by actual distributors!

    View more of the artist’s work on Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantArt.
    So, which Kit Kat flavor would you go for?

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