Check Out GINZA PLACE, the Latest Posh Shopping Complex in Tokyo!

  • If you’re looking for the best shopping and entertainment district in Japan, Ginza (銀座) is definitely the place to be. Besides featuring the latest brands in fashion, it also boasts stylish boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, and cafes.

    And this time, it has recently introduced a new kid on its glitzy block called the GINZA PLACE, which towers above its neighbors in terms of height. It was opened in September 2016 and was designed by Klein Dytham architecture. It is a futuristic building and a one-stop shop for cutting-edge commodities. Let’s find out more about it!

    About Ginza

    Almost everyone knows that leading high-end fashion and cosmetic brands are located in Ginza, thus it is known to have the most expensive items you can find in Japan. It is considered a luxury shopping district and is also one of the most expensive real estate areas in the country whereby one square meter of land is worth more than 25 million yen.

    Besides being the best place to shop at, Ginza offers entertaining things to do such as a gorgeous nightlife. There are so many bars and nightclubs in the area though most of them have small venues. These normally attract a mature crowd and people who dress very well. Ginza is also one of the best places to watch neon lights in Tokyo. The lights are relatively photogenic which is great for photography enthusiasts.

    Ginza’s main shopping street, Chuo-dori, gives the place a festive and relaxed feel during weekend afternoons when the Pedestrians’ Paradise is held. This is when they close off the road to vehicles in order to better accommodate shoppers and visitors. If you’re short on budget, you can just go window shopping in Ginza. Some of the department store displays are pretty bizarre which can immediately catch a person’s attention.

    A landmark building which has an interesting glow of lights and offers both luxurious and casual jewelries as well as sweets is the MIKIMOTO (ミキモト) Boutique. It is commonly noticed by both local people and foreign tourists. If you prefer DIY items, you can head to Marronnier Gate (マロニエゲート) which is a large shopping mall consisting of everything you need that can be customized. And if you’re looking for a luxury stationery store, then better check out Itoya which consists of 9 floors presenting different stationery items.

    Additionally, Tokyo’s main Kabuki theater called Kabukiza (歌舞伎座) which offers several performances every day and night can be found in Ginza. There are also dozens of art galleries in the place which you can find on any side street. There are also plenty of quiet dining bars, fine restaurants, and remarkable cafes where men and women alike can go at night.


    The GINZA PLACE opened last September 24, 2016 and is considered to be the latest shopping complex to have opened in the area. It is located opposite to the WAKO Building (known for selling quality items) and Mitsukoshi Department Store (an international department store chain). It took three years to build the entire place. Though it has a clean showroom, it is not the place for luxurious boutiques as it is particularly focusing on innovative products and cutting-edge commodities such as Sony and Nissan.

    The GINZA PLACE building consists of 11 floors dedicated to different concepts. The 1st and 2nd floors are dubbed as NISSAN CROSSING and are regarded as a revamped version of the Nissan Ginza Gallery which opened in 1963. It allows guests to experience latest car models in close proximity. A virtual driver’s seat is also available for anyone to try. A cozy cafe called Crossing Cafe can be found on the 2nd floor which serves a variety of delicious goods.

    The 3rd floor is a multipurpose floor and is a common area for people to interact and have a spectacular view of Ginza’s prime location. On this floor is another cafe, Ramo Frutas Cafe, which offers seasonal fruits as smoothies or on platters.

    The 4th to 6th floors are considered the Sony Showroom or Sony Store Ginza. Here, visitors can freely engage in the different gadgets, games, and electronic goods displayed. The 4th floor is primarily centered on digital photography where an extensive selection of camera lenses can be found. On the other hand, the 5th floor is dedicated to audio devices, televisions, gaming consoles, and PlayStations.

    The 7th floor is a venue for fine dining which offers creative and innovative dishes made by excellent chefs. Other eateries can be found on the two underground levels. Beer Hall Lion, a Japanese take on an old school German beer hall, is located on B2; while Brasserie Lion, an exclusive place for craft beers, quick bites, and hearty meals, is located on B1.

    Beer Hall Lion is a tourist attraction in itself with its tiled and wood paneled interior that reminds you of Bavaria. It has Friday night sessions which usually turn into mass karaoke demonstrations. Both Japanese and Western dishes are served here.

    Meanwhile, Brasserie Lion offers an original selection of popular French and time-honored classics in an aristocratic environment. The service offered is warm and unpretentious with a refined choice of superb, world-class wines. It can be a great location if you are going to the place with your family, friends, or even coworkers.

    The majority of the GINZA PLACE floors are open to the public but the 10th floor is used as a venue for gold trading. An invitation is necessary in order to enter the place.

    GINZA PLACE is definitely the latest place you should check out in Tokyo as it offers a nod to the past while symbolically representing a skyline from another time. It looks very modern and it offers different showrooms and galleries. It also has a special place for events located next to the balconies.

    GINZA PLACE has the total package when it comes to being classy and stylish as it literally stands out from the rest. It is going to be known as another landmark building that houses Nissan’s and Sony’s new flagship showrooms, as well as restaurants and cafes. Its stunning all-white facade that shows a great curvature truly reflects the craftsmanship and quality synonymous with Ginza and Japan.

    GINZA PLACE is directly accessible from Tokyo Metro’s Ginza Line. For more details, you may visit their official website.

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    GINZA PLACE Website

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