3 most beautiful beaches south of Tokyo

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  • Summer is getting close – some of you might have already prepared for it by getting in shape, checking out new nice beach wear or just planning the next holiday. You do not need a big budget to enjoy summer feeling in Japan, since during midsummer it could not get any hotter.

    One way of enjoying the real spirit of summer is venturing to the beach. Tough summer officially starts with the end of the rainy season in the Kanto area, generally around mid-July, and lasts until the end of September with October often still having quite a few warm days, the swimming season in Japan is considered to be over after the Obon week, which is in the middle of August.

    The reason why the swimming season ends is because at the end of August, more jellyfish than usual tend to venture closer to the shore than before. Therefore, swimmers who come to the beach do occasionally get stung.
    Here is a top three recommendations for the beaches south of Tokyo:

    TOP 1: Hayama-Isshiki beach (葉山 一色海岸)

    Get off at Zushi station, from there it is a 20min. bus ride to this hidden gem!


    TOP 2: Onjuku beach (御宿)

    Onjuku beach is about 90 minutes from Tokyo Station if you take the express Keiyo line train Wakashio. A famous spot in the area is Tsuki No Sabaku statue of camel riders!


    TOP 3: Araihama (荒井浜)

    Located on Miura peninsula, the beach has beautiful grey sand and extremely clear water by Tokyo standards. To get there, you should take the Keihin-Kyuko Line to Misakiguchi station, from there take bus No. 4 to Aburatsubo.


    For those, who started to get into the mood of summer: there is still plenty of time to get in shape, and if you can not make it, do not worry, we are all humans and the main reason to go to the beach is to just to have fun and to relax!