Cheapest way to have fun in Tokyo!

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  • Setagaya-ku(世田谷区) is one of Tokyo’s 23 wards. Although this place might be infamous among tourists, it is quite a popular residential area for Japanese. Setagaya-ku’s proximity is very convenient, this suburban area is not too far from Tokyo’s central business districts and is also very near from Shibuya and Shinjuku.

    One of the popular destination in Setagaya-ku for tourists is the Shimokitazawa(下北沢). A place where Japanese youngsters often go for second-hand clothes, and for music aspirations.

    But what else is there in Setagaya-ku? Because of its teeming residential houses, there are also a lot of parks in this ward. Here are some large parks that can be found in Setagaya-ku:


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    Setagaya Park is a nice place for kids. It has a mini train railway which can be ridden on. It is also a nice place for adults because the park holds events and small bazaars. Around there, you may also find restaurants and cafes. But, as the cliche goes, “best things are free”, so better bring your o-bentou instead, and eat under the trees of the park. Setagaya park’s nearest stations are Ikejiri-Ohashi or Yutenji Stations.


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    Hanegi Park is located close to Umegaoka station. Umegaoka is the name of which this park is located in. UME means plum and this park holds 600 plum trees. So, in its blooming peak, people enjoy a hanami of plum flowers. You may also hold barbeque parties in this park! Hanegi Park also has baseball and soccer fields.


    Baji Koen or Baji Park on the other hand, is an equestrian’s kind of place. This is a park where horses are kept and where they also race. In some other seasons, they hold horse races and events as well.
    In ordinary days, you may enjoy this park as it is, and you may also find a horse or two in their stables. Baji Koen is along Setagaya road. You may get here by bus, or from Kyodo Station then by foot for 20 minutes.



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    Roka park, or as they pronounce it as “loka”park is also a wide park, but primarily offers a sight of a beautiful garden. In summer, large sunflowers can be seen there! Don’t worry, you won’t go to loka in a bad way when you go there, bet you’d be loka in a good way.


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    Kinuta park is one of the biggest parks in Tokyo. Around the park, you can go jogging path and a cycling course, and during spring lot of flowers are in bloom too. Although its location is pretty much circulated among the main roads, once you are in the park, you will not notice that you are even in the city.


    Even as a tourist, you may enjoy these parks as well. Especially now that spring has come, the weather is perfect for a walk, for a picnic, or any activity you can find enjoyable. Parks in Japan are to boast for. They are mostly clean, safe, and free. So, who says Japan is an expensive place to have fun?Well, you’ve got to reconsider that thought… and this might even a good reason to live in Setagaya-ku,japan, don’t you think?

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