Have a Remarkable Stay at the Newly Opened Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

  • Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto (フォーシーズンズホテル京都) has recently opened last fall 2016 in Japan’s historic imperial capital with an 800-year old traditional garden. The hotel is located at the foot of Higashiyama Mountain (東山) which is surrounded by very significant landmarks. It is also conveniently located near Kyoto’s tech industries, creative arts, and several leading educational institutions. Because of the city’s distinct beauty, the hotel is considered to be very attractive to different visitors across the region and around the globe. The hotel’s mission is to help guests discover the wonders and experience everything the city has to offer.

    Hotel Insights

    Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto allows every guest to relax in four-season delights. Guest rooms are light-filled and spacious and the hotel has a tranquil garden. There is also a waterside terrace which can perfectly suit you while you are drinking local craft beers. If you prefer tea, head to the Shakusui-tei tea house (積翠亭) by crossing a glass bridge. You may also opt to just float in the indoor pool then melt into bliss in the spa.

    Besides personal enjoyment, you may also have a wonderful business meeting behind artisan-carved cedar wood doors. For those devoted to their faith, you can start the day by going to the sunlit chapel. To make your stay as convenient as possible, a multilingual concierge is available to help you in accessing the different amenities of this fascinating hotel.


    The hotel can accommodate its guests with its 13 suites, 10 guest rooms with balcony, and a presidential suite.

    Guest rooms have been designed with washi paper lamps, fusuma screens, and urushi lacquerware. Rooms with large windows can be very relaxing with the patterns of light and shadow coming through. Their bathrooms reflect the soothing effects of water. The hotel’s luxury rooms are regarded as some of the largest standard guest rooms in Kyoto. It consists of signature touches such as a customized Four Seasons bed. There are also several rooms with balconies.

    The hotel’s suites are very spacious and overlook the Shakusuien Pond Garden (積翠園) and the neighboring Myoho-in Temple (妙法院). The rooms feature a walk-in closet, a dining area, and a guest powder room.

    The presidential suite in the hotel is considered to be Kyoto’s largest which measures 245 square meters. It overlooks the historic aforementioned temple and the Kyoto skyline. Its dining space can seat up to 8 persons. The room highlights the following services and amenities: sleek wooden floors, remote-controlled drapes, an iPad to access hotel services, a refrigerated private bar, an espresso maker, in-room safe, kettle/tea set, butler box for convenient laundry, newspaper and shoeshine pick-up/drop-off, and a twice-a-day housekeeping service. Technological convenience can be experienced as well through the complimentary standard WiFi, a multi-line telephone, a bedside desk and charging stations, and an alarm clock.

    If you are coming with your family or have special needs, you may contact the hotel directly in order to make the best arrangements for accessible rooms.


    The hotel consists of several restaurants and lounges which are the perfect places for stylish cuisines in a casual atmosphere.

    Brasserie offers uncomplicated seasonal menus, as well as Kyoto craft beers and cocktails. Its double-height windows give diners a chance to see a panoramic view of the garden, while its waterside terrace has comfortable seating that will help you relax.

    For sushi lovers, head to Sushi Wakon. Here, you can step up to the sushi counter to have the freshest taste of sushi and seafood made by Chef Rei Masuda. This is located on the third floor of the hotel and you can choose to enjoy their food in an intimate room. It has a 200-year old, 10-seat Hinoki counter wherein you can take in beautiful views of the hotel’s pond garden and surrounding modern Japanese decor. The whole venue creates an unforgettable experience for guests.

    You may also go to the hotel tea house called Shakusui-tei which is nestled in a pond garden where you can experience traditional chashitsu (tea rooms) with ryurei-style seating. The lush Japanese trees matched with the tranquil water make it a romantic setting ideal for couples. If you’d like to experience the tea ceremony, you should be an in-house guest and an advanced reservation is required. The place is only open from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. during Saturdays and Sundays.

    Five-Star Highlights

    The hotel highlights the following within its parameters: a historic garden, a tea house, Japanese designs, and concierge insights. The historic garden consists of an 800-year old pond which is the poetic heart of the hotel. The tea house is where you can experience tradition with a modern twist as well as sake tastings by night. The hotel is exuding in Japanese designs which showcase Kyoto’s wealth of traditional artistry.

    The concierge’s insider knowledge will help you unlock the secrets of Kyoto – from a maiko makeover to a Zen meditation. There are several places to do Zen meditation in Kyoto and you can wake up early in the morning to head to a Zen temple. The concierge can also arrange classes for you to learn Japanese cultures such as Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), calligraphy, and local cooking practices. Additionally, you may join pottery classes in nearby pottery shops where you can also buy unique pots as souvenirs.

    There are several places around the hotel offering traditional dinners wherein you can watch geiko and maiko performances. You may also go around the historic city by riding a rickshaw. Rides can take you to historic places or wherever you wish to visit and they normally last for 10 to 15 minutes.

    Other activities you can do in the vicinity of the hotel are the following: swim in an indoor pool, sake tastings in sake breweries, and hunt for treasures in flea markets and antique shops. There are several small antique shops which are scattered along the Teramachi Street (寺町通り) and Shinmonzen Street (新門前通り). You may ask for help from the concierge in creating a list of notable shops for you.

    Enjoy a perfect night’s sleep with expertly prepared meals from top chefs during your stay at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto. With its elegant atmosphere and perfect location, the hotel is also destined to become Kyoto’s preferred place for glamorous weddings, prestigious business functions, and social occasions. It has flexible event spaces and a one-of-a-kind chapel. Book your reservation now so that you can flawlessly start and end your day!

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