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    Absolutely, there are Pokémon goods everywhere!! Latest battle game cards, various stationery, figurines, T-shirts, snacks and even cup noodles….you name it!
    This is not only a specialty store but you can also battle there with other shoppers and you may become a Pokémon master…!!??

    This amazing shop is located in Yokohama city, in the tallest structured building in Japan. – Yokohama Landmark Plaza(296m) in MM21(Minato Mirai).

    Goods you won’t find outside of Japan!

    They have EVERYTHING Pokémon such as the latest battle game cards…

    Figures, Soft toys

    Assorted stationery, cool T-shirts!

    Snacks and sweets…great for souvenirs.

    More than a shop!

    They look so small, but they may be the next Pokémon Masters!
    If you are confident with your Japanese, come and join them.
    There are fun card battle classes and big battle days. Ask the staff for the event details. 


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    Do you want to become Pikachu? Say “cheese” in the photo corner.

    Lastly! If you are visiting there in your birthday month, you will receive some amazing gift from the store. Make sure to bring your passport or other birth date proof. This may change so please ask the staff for further information.

    How to get there?

    Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan by population. It is only approx. 30 minutes by train from Tokyo. If you are taking the train, DO NOT get off at Yokohama Station.
    3 minutes walk from Minato Mirai Station/Minato Mirai line
    5 minutes walk from Sakuragi-cho/Yokohama Subway or JR line

    Come up to the 4th floor of Landmark Plaza and you won’t miss this place.

    Pokemon Center website *Japanese only