Why not study in Japan?

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  • When you graduated from high school or university and want to try some new adventures by continuing to study abroad but don’t know where to go, why not to consider Japan? Many people might feel doubtful about studying in Japan because they are afraid of the language that is used everywhere and seems difficult to understand, or they are afraid of Japanese education system that so far has image of a difficult, competitive, and disciplinary. But don’t worry because not all of that is true. Instead, you will have a lot of advantages by choosing Japan as a place to study. These are some reasons why you should plan to study in Japan:

    1. Japanese education has good reputation

    It is no doubt that education system in Japan has good reputation, especially in Asia. From science to social subjects, Japan offers a lot of interesting programs and professional teachers. Not only within Asia, some Japanese universities are also included in the top universities of the world: Tokyo University, Kyoto University, Tohoku University, and Nagoya University, to name a few.

    2. Japan is a safe and health-conscious country

    Safety and sanitation are in top priorities for the Japanese. This is the most important aspect of student’s life, parents don’t have to worry about the safety of their children in Japan. Japan is relatively safe. The accidents are rare in Japan and are small compared to other countries. The air in Japan is clean and fresh and not dangerous for health. Everything including food is also clean, healthy and fresh.

    3. Japan is a beautiful country

    Who doesn’t know about the beauty of Japan? Studying in beautiful environment is nice to say the least. In addition, travelling in Japan is easy, so every holiday you can have a trip and visit other cities to see and enjoy the beauty of Japanese suburbs and nature.

    4. Japanese universities are filled with international students

    Experience studying and interacting with students from Japan and all over the world. Japanese universities are not only attended by Japanese students. Japan is very open to the international students. Many scholarships are provided by the Japanese government for international students. Students come for temporary study, research, or to get a degree. So you can really expand your network here.

    5. Living in Japan will make you learn Japanese

    The especially good thing about studying in Japan is you get to learn Japanese language, so your language skills will increase. Although sometimes your programs are offered in English, living in Japan will make you speak Japanese in any case!

    No need to hesitate, come study in Japan!