Into Thrift and Vintage Shopping? Check Out These 15 Stores in Harajuku

  • For many fashion enthusiasts, second-hand stores are treasure troves filled with pieces they can mix and match to achieve their preferred style. In Japan, there are a lot of second-hand stores to choose from to get your daily fix of unique Japanese fashion styles.

    Harajuku (原宿), one of Tokyo’s (東京) main fashion districts, is filled with many vintage shops to choose from of which 15 are listed below. For those who love thrift shopping and bargain hunting, Harajuku is a must-visit place for you!

    1. Flamingo

    First on this list is Flamingo, a store that focuses on the Americana-style. Before you enter, you will be greeted by flashing neon lights and it will be very hard not to miss the flamingoes! The prices of the clothes are quite affordable and they also have a wide range of clothes. You can find denim, jumpers, mid-length skirts, shirts, and more. The clothes are a mix of items from the 1950s to the 1990s, so you are bound to find something to your liking if you spend enough time here.

    Flamingo Website *Japanese only

    2. Chicago

    It will be very easy to spot this shop with its neon light sign. Chicago has several stores all over Tokyo and they have two branches in Harajuku, specifically in Omotesando (表参道) and Jingumae (神宮前). Prices range from relatively cheap to somewhat expensive. You can find a variety of clothes in this store, from kimonos to wedding dresses and other accessories. If you want to walk around Tokyo wearing a yukata or kimono, you can opt to buy one here instead of renting. Aside from Japanese clothing, Chicago is also known for its huge selection of Americana-vintage style clothes.

    Chicago Website *Japanese only
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)


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    JUMBLE STORE offers a lot of designer brand and Japanese brand clothes. They have a huge variety of clothes and accessories for men, women, and children. All items in the store are sold at low attractive prices. You can find streetwear, high fashion clothing, handbags, and various accessories here. So if you want to find bargain prices for branded clothing, you have to visit JUMBLE STORE!

    JUMBLE STORE Website *Japanese only


    This shop caters to stylish guys. Who says that thrift shopping is only for females? BRAND COLLECT attracts male customers with its imported and local clothing. This store sells lots of high-quality clothing and accessories at a fraction of the original price.

    BRAND COLLECT Website *Japanese only

    5. Santa Monica

    Santa Monica is a sophisticated and cozy store that is filled with fresh and hip clothing. They have a wide selection of female clothes that range from basic wear to more feminine pieces. A lot of the items here are in good condition and some of them might even be brand new.

    Santa Monica Website *Japanese only

    6. G2?

    Majority of the clothes in G2? belong to the 1950s to 1980s. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ) herself is a fan of this vintage shop and it is quite easy to see why. A lot of the items in G2? are a perfect mix of vintage and new. This shop is perfect for people who love incorporating different styles with each other. It is also known to be a place that prioritizes quality over quantity, so the prices might be a little expensive, but you will definitely come out of the shop with bags full of quality pieces.

    G2? Website

    7. RAGTAG

    RAGTAG is one of the biggest thrift and vintage stores in Japan that it will not be hard to find one. If you are looking for designer brand clothes and items, this is your one-stop shop. This shop is a little more expensive than the other shops because of the items they offer, but you are bound to find a treasure or two.

    RAGTAG Website


    If you are interested in 1980s and 1990s fashion or if G2? was not enough to fulfill your needs, then you have to visit FUNKTIQUE. The store was originally founded in Fukushima, but due to the 2011 nuclear incident, they moved to Harajuku. They have only been in Harajuku since 2012, but they already have a huge following from the people who frequent the area. They offer mainly deadstock (items that have never been worn before and still have their price tags) clothing which are imported from New York City by the owners, Misato and her husband.

    FUNKTIQUE Website

    9. PUNK CAKE

    For more 1980s and 1990s fashion, head on over to PUNK CAKE. This boutique sells clothing for both males and females, but a majority of the items are targeted towards the latter. Every item in PUNK CAKE is hand-selected by Kinji, the owner of the shop. With that in mind, the store has a strong and curated feel. You can find a huge selection of clothing here, from vintage shirts, dresses, denim, retro skirts, to vintage accessories.

    PUNK CAKE Website *Japanese only

    10. OTOE

    OTOE’s concept is to provide people a selection of clothes which they can choose from so that they can create their own styles. The clothes and the shop’s interior were curated and designed in a way to inspire the customers who visit.


    11. Bubbles

    If you want to shop for more new and retro items that you can pair with each other, then you might want to consider visiting Bubbles. This store offers vintage items and new pieces designed by the store’s owner. You will find dresses, skirts, shirts, leggings, footwear, and pants from their 1970s to 1980s collections.


    12. KINJI

    KINJI is one of the cheapest vintage shops in Harajuku with a lot of their items on the affordable side. They also offer designer brand clothes. The whole shop is located at a huge basement and is very organized, which makes for easier shopping. Since they have a huge variety of clothes, pretty much every and any style can be found here. Most of their items are relatively brand new, from the ’80s onwards.

    KINJI Website *Japanese only

    13. flower

    flower has multiple stores in Japan. This shop’s concept is “LOVE & JOY.” According to their website, “love” is for for the goods they sell in the store and “joy” is for both the customers and the staff. If the customer is pleased with their purchase, the staff will also feel happy. flower is a must-stop shop for people who like cute and girly pieces of clothing. They offer a lot of pastel-colored clothes and floral dresses. Aside from clothes, they also offer shoes and accessories with the same feminine feel.

    flower Website *Japanese only


    If you are hunting for vintage t-shirts, then NADIA FLORES EN EL CORAZON is the place for you. They have a great selection of shirts here in very good condition. This shop has a flea market feel to it, with not just clothes but also different accessories to offer. A lot of the clothes they import have striking details and vivid colors.

    NADIA FLORES EN EL CORAZON Website *Japanese only

    15. Grimoire

    Last but definitely not the least in this store list is Grimoire, the leading store in Harajuku that caters to the dolly-kei fashion scene. Grimoire offers a lot of vintage items from Europe and the US and they also sell their original and remade accessories. A lot of the dresses and other pieces they sell are a mixture of fairy tales, gothic, Victorian era, and bohemian themes. What makes this store unique is that it is decorated like a magical fairy tale forest. You will definitely get lost in the unique atmosphere of this shop.

    Grimoire Website *Japanese only

    Harajuku definitely lives up to a fashion enthusiast’s expectations. From popular items to vintage clothing, you can never go wrong when shopping here. Aside from the shops listed above, Harajuku is filled to the brim with vintage shops. Feel free to roam around the area and find more shops to hunt for vintage items!

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