6 Japanese seasonal summer dishes you have to try!

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  • Summer is almost here. The air is getting warmer day by day! People start to eat ice cream and the leaves start turning green. Yes, summer will come at the soonest!

    But do you know that there are foods in Japan known as a summer cuisine? In Japan, normally, seasons affect the served food, from its taste, ingredients and temperature. And in the summer, some cold dishes are available. These are some foods that are popular for especially for summer. Make sure that you try everything during the sunny season this year!

    1. Hiyashi Chuka

    It can be said that hiyashi chuka is a noodle salad. The noodle is cold and served with a lot of and colorful toppings, such as cucumber, carrot, chicken, sprout, red ginger, and etc. Sprinkle it with some vinegar and soy sauce before eating.

    2. Cold Somen

    Somen is thin noodles. Eat cold somen by dipping it into the soup and using various toppings. Sometimes it is served with an ice cube.

    3. Rei Shabu

    Rei Shabu is a cold pork shabu shabu. The pork is cooked and put in the cold water. Then it is eaten with carrot strips and green beans and sauce.

    4. Ayu

    Ayu is a popular dish at summer festivals. It is a sweet freshwater fish with light texture. Ayu is barbecued and shaped to look like a fish that travels against the current. Like carp, it is famous in Japan for its perseverance and courage.

    5. Unagi


    Since Edo period, unagi has become popular stamina food for summer. It contains omega 3, vitamins, and protein that boosts your mood and health during summer. The most popular type is Kabayaki. Steamed eel mixed with sweet soy sauce.

    6. Ramune

    Ramune is a popular summer drink. It is a bottle of soda with a unique design. The uniqueness of ramune is in the marble that seals the bottle. These drinks are very popular especially among kids.