Craving Bread? Buy Specialty Bread at These 4 Bakeries in Kyoto

  • Bread has a historical significance in Japan. It used to be a substitute for white rice during the World War II which later on became a staple food. A couple of years later, real bread was made by bakers in genuine ovens and bread began adorning tables nationwide.

    Kyoto (京都) is one of the areas in the country that boasts the most number of bakeries. There are so many specialty bread in the place that it becomes a battleground for bakeries. From sweet, sugary concoctions to creamy muffins and cupcake delights, Kyoto has it all. If you’d like to experience the best-tasting specialty bread in the country, you better head to these 4 bakeries in the city.

    1. Boulangerie MASH Kyoto (マッシュキョウト)

    If you are looking for elegant and graceful bread in Kyoto (京都), then look no farther than Boulangerie MASH Kyoto. It is owned by Masayuki Masuno (増野正行) who grew up in Kyoto and has gained a lot of his training in Paris. Many of his ingredients come from Kyoto City such as Japanese sake from Joyo Shuzo (城陽酒造) and Kujo Negi (九条葱), which is a Japanese green onion. Sometimes, food is served with real flowers on top such as their Murasaki Imo Anpan Hana no Iroha (紫芋あんぱん花のいろは), a sweet potato bun embellished with an elegant violet flower.

    One of their popular specialty bread is the Matcha Anpan Fujitsubo (抹茶あんぱん藤壺) which is made of dough coming from Ippodo (一保堂)’s tea shop and is filled with sweet red bean paste. The key ingredient used in making the dough is the Gyokuro (玉露) green tea powder. Their baguette has been made by aging and fermenting at low temperatures over a long period of time. It is perfectly made with a pleasant smell. Other bread and pastries in the shop are beautifully made which will surely tickle your fancy.

    Boulangerie MASH Kyoto Website

    2. Walder (ワルダー)

    Walder is a German-inspired bakery located in Fuyacho Street (麩屋町通) and is very popular in Kyoto. They sell an impressive range of tasty pastries, loaves, and different treats. Their bread are all made with four different kinds of yeast.

    The shop also sells dark-colored bread which is rich in good grains. The specialty bread that they are selling are great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the food that you can buy are walnut blue cheese bread, cream cheese-filled bread, yuzu matcha (a bread block filled with yuzu bits and matcha cream), and nut tartlet (a tiny tart topped with lots of nuts).


    The most popular among all is their garlic baguette which comes in several kinds. It is oozing with garlic flavor which is very addictive. If you prefer delicious hard bread, then you better head to Walder.

    Walder Website

    3. Boulangerie Rauk (ルーク)

    Another famous bakery in Kyoto is Boulangerie Rauk. It is a small bakery measuring 4×4 meters inside with a huge array of sweet and savory bread and pastries. They also offer sandwiches and other kinds of meals, all of which come at reasonable prices. The place is a good choice for having breakfast or dessert. In fact, this is the breakfast place of choice of most people living in the area as almost every food you get to try here is fantastic.

    This is probably the place you should stop by first thing in the morning. Their baguette is popularly used in Italian restaurants. It comes in an elegant presentation with a great sweetness that you can savor daily. Each of their bread has been delicately made and will surely satisfy your food craving. Some of them contain walnuts and red beans, and sometimes, the dough is made with matcha. Their cheese bread is probably one of the foods to die for. It is unbelievably gooey and cheesy.

    Boulangerie Rauk Website

    4. Le Petitmec OIKE (ル・プチメック 御池)

    🥐 朝はパン

    sousuke(@so1207ta)分享的貼文 於 張貼

    Le Petitmec OIKE is a French-style cafe and bakery which is known for its casual black design. It is located in the central part of Kyoto City and serves various types of bread favored by adults. Many females are attracted to their bread and pastries since they are stylishly presented. There are so many sweets and delicious items which are available every single day.

    The shop sells eleven kinds of petite sandwiches which have been created by a master chef in French cuisines. Their commonly used ingredients are fresh and carefully selected homemade items.

    Eating in the place feels like you’re in another country due to its atmosphere. There are several terrace seats if you’d like to have your meal in a fresh ambiance. It is just as chic inside where you can see displays of sweets near the door.

    One of their popular bread is fougasse. It has a crispy texture and is chewy on the inside. If you like tarts, then you can have some perfect thin crust tarts in the shop. You should also try the yummy shrimp, cream cheese, and avocado sandwich which is just heaven.

    The staff is calm and polite which suit the shop’s charming appearance. They are open 7 days a week, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    Le Petitmec OIKE Website

    As a superstar for bakeries, Kyoto is the best destination to follow. Many bakeries have been serving people with delicious specialty bread for many years in which some of them use unique ingredients to cater to different tastes. These 4 places are just some of those offering tasty bread and pastries in the city.

    With the influx of great bakers, artisan bakeries have been expanding. Most of the places are very clean and welcoming with tons and tons of bread to choose from. Some are perfect for a relaxing sit-down breakfast before you head out to town. The assortment never ends with reasonable prices and bread that are definitely affordable. Probably one of the best feelings is when you just have to pick your favorite bread or pastry and meander to the sitting area for coffee or tea.

    Most of the time, the best places to try specialty bread are the small shops. So if you’re heading to Kyoto one of these days, do not forget to have some breakfast or lunch in one of the shops mentioned above. Enjoy!

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