Unveiling Kakegawa Shi Beauty

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  • Japan is a country full of mystery. Old castles and temples from its feudal years are scattered all over the land, beautiful gardens and sceneries drape its mountains and its attractions are beyond fun. Though large cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka are the tourists most visited places, Japan’s countryside has its own splendor that foreigners are yet to discover. Take, for example, these fun and awesome attractions in Kakegawa Shi.

    1. Kakegawa Castle

    Kakegawa Castle

    Built atop a hill, Kakegawa castle is the most majestic attraction in Kakegawa. During the Sakura season, the view around the historical site is simply amazing. Take a walk at the top and enjoy the scenic view below including Mt. Fuji during a fine day. If you want a more educational tour, visit the museum and learn about castle’s history. Furthermore, I recommend you experience the tea ceremony for a more memorable visit.

    2. Kakegawa Kachoen Park

    For families with children, Kakegawa Kachoen Park is a great place to visit with kids (and adults too) to interact with birds. You can get close enough to touch the birds in a way most zoos do not allow. Toucans, cranes and even swans can be seen along the pathways and you can pet and feed them. Actually, as long as you have food in your hand, birds flock towards you to feed. You will definitely feel like the Disney’s Princess Snow White when in there.


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    A buffet restaurant with more than 30 dishes served is located in the center of the park. With the breathtaking hanging flowers (which look too pretty to be true) over the restaurant, the ambiance is pretty awesome as well.


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    3. Tsumagoi Sound Illumination

    The Tsumagoi park hosts the annual sound illumination during winters that are simply enchanting. Unlike most of the park illuminations, Tsumagoi park’s illumination is a collaboration of music and lights. Can you imagine your surrounding glittering with the sound? It is simply splendid. It also has a buffet restaurant that serves delicious Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines.

    Each of Japan’s cities has its own glamour. Take time to visit and explore new places and discover their hidden treasures. One of the great things about the country is that there is something wonderful in each of its cities.

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