Enjoy Scrumptious Breakfast Meals at These 8 Cafes in Nagoya

  • I feel like having a slow breakfast in Japan has become a luxury because of how busy people are and how early mornings start. I completely understand that every second of sleep is more valuable than making time to get a good breakfast for a lot of people. But if you happen to be around the Nagoya (名古屋) area, here are eight places where you can grab a delicious breakfast to start off your day of touring around, work, or just a nice leisure day.

    1. La maison JOUVAUD (ラメゾンジュヴォー)

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    *ラ・メゾン・ジュヴォー* ヴェリーヌ ショート♡ グラスにぎゅっと詰まったおされなショートケーキ🍰✨ 私には小ぶりだけど、ちょっと甘めでちょうどいいかも💕 今日は、美容院で美しくなり(笑) 母と名古屋駅に。 旅券センターに行ったらなんと40人待ちでヘロヘロ😂 海外行く人どんだけ多いの〜もうびっくり‼️ お昼ご飯を食べてないことに気づき、このケーキに癒されました🥰 #カフェ#名古屋カフェ#カフェ巡り#ケーキ#名古屋ケーキ#KITTE#ラメゾンジュヴォー#ショートケーキ#ヴェリーヌショート#あいなご#名古屋インスタ交流会#nagoyastyle#cafemiru#cafemiru_愛知#インスタ探検隊#retrip_groumet#retrip_cafe#retrip_aichi#母と

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    This patisserie began in Southern France in 1948 and has crossed the sea to Japan where there are now two locations, one being in Nagoya Station. The breakfast at La maison JOUVAUD begins at 7:30 am and goes on to 10:30 am when it turns into a brunch menu.

    The breakfast bread sets consist of your choice of bread and a drink, or a french toast and a drink. The most popular breakfast menu is their pain perdu (aka french toast). The combination of the sweet orange syrup and the not too sweet whipped cream on the side is absolutely delicious and goes perfectly with the cafe lattes at JOUVAUD. The croissants and the chocolate bread that are also part of the morning menu are loved by many of the customers as well.

    The pro about going first thing in the morning is that JOUVAUD bakes their bread to be available from 7:30 am just as the shop opens, so going in at that time ensures that you can have freshly baked bread.

    La maison JOUVAUD Website

    2. Niwa Fruits and Fruit Juice (ニワフルーツ&フルーツジュース)

    今日のモーニングは、大須・西別院寄りのニワ フルーツで♪ ちょっと寒いけど、今日28日は毎月恒例の西別院、東別院のマルシェの日。えいやっ☆と気合いを入れてお出かけです。 果物屋さんに併設されたフルーツパーラーのメニューは、もちろん生ジュースが自慢💕 おすすめの苺ミルク380円は、果肉の粒々感が残り、まったりジューシー✨ 無料サービスのモーニングは、半トーストにカットフルーツの盛り合わせ。 …えっ、ホントに無料?な華やかさ。しかもこの生ジュース380円て、激安☆ . #純喫茶 #モーニング #純喫茶やっぱりイイ

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    Niwa Fruits and Fruit Juice is, as the name suggests, a fruit shop, but they have a small cafe next door where you can enjoy a breakfast meal filled with fresh fruits. Their most popular menu is, unsurprisingly, their fruit juice. They have a morning set that includes a thick piece of toast and various pieces of fresh fruit which only costs 400 yen and is extremely affordable.

    Their breakfast starts at 7:30 am, and even if you don’t have enough time in the morning to stop and eat breakfast in-store, you can take their delicious fresh fruit juices on the go. Their shaved ice with fresh fruit syrup is also extremely popular (only available at certain times).

    Niwa Fruits and Fruit Juice Website

    3. Riyon (リヨン)

    Riyon is a retro style cafe that is known for their red bean paste toast. It is located 5 minutes away from Nagoya Station and is open from 8:00 am. The great thing about this cafe is that you can actually enjoy their morning menu throughout the entire day at the price of just a cup of coffee.

    The red bean paste pressed sandwich toast, their most popular menu, attracts customers from near and far and is definitely a must-try.

    Riyon Website

    4. Konparu (コンパル)

    The retro cafe Konparu, founded in 1949, is famous for their specialty blend coffee and their sandwich menu.

    The most popular item on their sandwich menu is the fried shrimp sandwich that features large pieces of fried shrimp as well as lettuce and eggs. Another crowd favorite is the ham and egg toast which is available as part of their morning set. Their breakfast is available from 8:00 am and they have 9 locations within the city of Nagoya.

    Konparu Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    5. Pineapple Mint (パイナップルミント)

    If you are looking for a voluminous morning meal, Pineapple Mint is the perfect place for you! This cafe is open from 8:30 am on the weekdays and from 10:00 am on the weekends.

    The morning set at Pineapple Mint features toast, scrambled eggs, salad, yogurt, and soup for the price of just 450 yen. The master of this cafe is a fun character as well and will ask you how many slices of toast you want in your morning set. (How amazing is that?!)

    Another pro about Pineapple Mint is that it has a parking lot which is extremely rare in the Nagoya Station area so it is perfect if you are visiting the area by car.

    Pineapple Mint Website

    6. Cook Town (クックタウン)

    はじめてのひとりモーニング🍹 満腹 #名古屋 #モーニング #ホットサンド #ロンリー #ピン芸人

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    If you’re an early bird looking for a heavy but cheap breakfast meal, Cook Town is definitely worth trying out. Their breakfast time is from 7:00 to 10:00 am and you can order a cup of coffee or any other drink within this time and get a free morning set along with it.

    Once you walk in, you will be asked (1) what you want to drink and (2) whether or not you want your sandwiches’ crusts cut off. Their egg toast sandwiches are extremely popular and are a must-try if you are in the Nagoya area.

    Cook Town Website

    7. Café de Campagne (カフェドカンパーニュ)

    Café de Campagne has a breakfast menu starting at 7:00 am on weekdays and on Saturdays.

    The morning set at this cafe features a drink, toast, a boiled egg, and a specialty of the day, and you only have to pay for the price of your drink. You can pay extra for a morning set with more variety where you can change your toast into a sandwich, pancakes, etc. This cafe also has a parking lot and is perfect for those visiting by car.

    Café de Campagne Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    8. Chapeau blanc (シャポーブラン)

    If you are looking for a breakfast place with a buffet, Chapeau blanc may be a good place to consider. Their breakfast buffet is surprisingly cheap at 490 yen.

    You can enjoy more than 10 types of dessert bread (such as red bean paste rolls, chocolate melon bread, danishes, berry rolls, etc.), and two sandwiches (a ham sandwich and a potato salad sandwich). Each one is cut into small pieces, allowing you to enjoy various types of bread before getting full. Chapeau blanc is definitely the place to get a full breakfast meal in Nagoya.

    Chapeau blanc Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    If you are in the Nagoya area, these cafes/restaurants are the perfect places to visit in the morning to grab cheap and delicious breakfasts. They are all relatively close to train stations (or in the station for some of them) or have parking lots so they should be easy enough to access even if you are not from the area. So start off your day with a delicious meal at these cafes!

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