Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2015 Parade and Festa


    TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE 2015: Parade & Festa was just held in Tokyo Yoyogi Park Event Space and Outdoor Stage on April 25th and 26th. Approximately 30,000 people participated in the parade and festa. Tokyo Rainbow Pride is a group committed to promoting a society with a comfortable environment and equal rights for LGBT and other sexual minorities. The parade & festa were the main events of “Rainbow Week”, a week planned by Tokyo Rainbow Pride that is designated to spreading awareness and gaining acceptance of LGBT and sexual minorities in Japan. “Rainbow Week” begins a week before Golden Week (April 25th) and continues until the end of Golden Week (May 6th) and it consists of various parties, lectures, workshops, and sports events that bring together sexual minorities and “allies” (people who support LGBT and sexual minorities).


    The parade consisted of approximately 3,000 LGBT/sexual minority people and allies, forming a parade of 10,000 people. They spent Sunday afternoon marching through the Shibuya district in an attempt to spread awareness and to get people to embrace diversity and equality.

    The TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE festival took place at the Yoyogi Park Event Space and Outdoor Stage. The festa consisted of many booths and shows held on the outdoor stage. Many artists performed at the outdoor stage who were of course, people of various sexual orientations.

    There were many food booths including Ben & Jerry’s, kebabs, tacos and many others. Of course, there were also booths related to LGBT and sexual minorities as well as booths related to fashion such as GAP.

    Future Events
    TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE is planned to take place every year at this time, so if you currently live in Japan or would be visiting Japan around this period and would like to take part of it and spread awareness and understanding for the LGBT and sexual minority community, please check the website for more information!

    Tokyo Rainbow Pride website

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