Visiting Karatsu in Saga? Here Are 15 Amusing Things to Do There

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  • Located in Saga Prefecture (佐賀県) on Kyushu Island (九州), Karatsu (唐津) is a city filled with the beauty of Japanese culture. The city was an important trading port in the past because of its proximity to China and Korea. Karatsu’s name has its origin from the words “kara (唐),” meaning China or continental East Asia, and “tsu (津),” meaning port.

    Most recently, the city’s locations were used as inspiration for the anime, Yuri!!! on ICE. If you are a fan of the anime or if you just really want to explore the city, on this list are 15 activities that you can do while vacationing in Karatsu!

    1. Visit Karatsu Castle (唐津城)

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    Karatsu Castle was built in 1602 by Terasawa Hirotaka (寺沢広高), a retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (豊臣秀吉). The castle is located in the northern part of Karatsu City and it faces the sea. The castle is a hirayamajiro (平山城) or a castle built on a plain instead of a hill or mountain. Karatsu Castle is also known as the “Dancing Crane Castle” or Maizuru-jo (舞鶴城) because it looks similar to a bird with spread wings.

    During spring, visiting Karatsu Castle is a very pleasant experience because the cherry blossom trees and Wisteria flowers are in full bloom.

    Karatsu Castle Website *Automatic translation available

    2. Relax and dine at Kagamiyama Onsen (鏡山温泉)

    Kagamiyama Onsen was recently used as inspiration for the anime, Yuri!!! on ICE. When you visit this place, it will be very hard to miss because of its large Japanese gate with the name “鏡山温泉” written on it. When you enter the reception area, you will see that they are selling local souvenirs. Aside from relaxing in their onsen, be sure to try out their katsudon (カツ丼), which was also featured on Yuri!!! on ICE.

    Kagamiyama Onsen Website *Automatic translation available

    3. Visit the Niji no Matsubara Pine Grove (虹の松原)

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    皆さまお疲れです🙇 唐津城に行って来ました。 唐津城…おまけ😅 スワイプ》》》してね😊 5/7 #猫 にゃんの写真もあるよ🙋 唐津城は、豊臣秀吉の家臣、寺沢志摩守広高が、慶長7年 (1602年)から7か年の歳月を費やして同13年に完成したと言われています。築城には、九州諸大名の加勢を受け、名護屋城の解体資材を用いたともいわれています。城は、本丸、二の丸、三の丸、外曲輪に分かれており、現在の天守閣は、昭和41年に完成したもので、展示室、展望所等があり、展望所からは、松浦潟の全景が一望できます。また、唐津城は、別名舞鶴城ともいわれ、観光唐津のシンボ ルとして皆様に親しまれております。 #goodevening #japan #karatu #castle #japancastle #japan_photo_now #日本100名城 #続日本100名城 #スタンプラリー #唐津城 no.185 #虹の松原 #城 #お城 #城跡 #城郭 #史跡 #石垣 #石垣ファンクラブ no.1219 #歴史 #お城巡り #旅 #大好き . #photography #shutterbug #一眼レフ練習中 #カメラ初心者 #写真好きな人と繋がりたい 見てくれて#ありがとうございます よろしければ#followforfollowback

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    The Niji no Matsubara Pine Grove is considered as one of the three greatest pine forests in Japan. In the 17th century, Terasawa Hirotaka, the first lord of Karatsu, planted pine trees along the coastline for protection against the wind and tide. “Niji no Matsubara” means “rainbow beach with a forest of pine trees.”

    Niji no Matsubara Pine Grove Website

    4. Explore the Yobuko Morning Market (呼子の朝市)

    The Yobuko Morning Market can be found on Asaichi-dori Street (朝市通り). It is considered as one of the three largest morning markets in Japan. Here, you can find fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, and dried specialties at reasonable prices. You can even bargain with the shop owners. This morning market is said to have begun in the Taisho (大正) period. The market is open from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm.

    Yobuko Morning Market Website *Automatic translation available

    5. Visit Old Takatori’s Mansion (旧高取邸)

    This mansion is the former residence of Koreyoshi Takatori (高取伊好), the owner of the Kishima (杵島) coal mine and other businesses. The site has two large buildings of about 300 square meters. The buildings include a Noh stage (能舞台), interiors with plant and animal carvings, paintings on sliding doors, etc. To preserve the place, photography is prohibited inside.

    Old Takatori’s Mansion Website *Japanese only

    6. Eat handmade burgers at Karatsu Burger Oteguchi (からつバーガー大手口店)

    When in Karatsu, do not miss out on this! This food stall sells handmade burgers. Karatsu Burger Oteguchi is very well known for their demi-glace sauce. Their burgers are served with two burger patties, an egg, and a slice of ham.

    Karatsu Burger Oteguchi Website

    7. Appreciate nature at Genkai Quasi-National Park Nanatsugama (玄海国定公園七ツ釜)

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    The Genkai Quasi-National Park is located on the Genkai coast of three prefectures, namely Fukuoka (福岡), Saga, and Nagasaki (長崎). This national park was founded in June 1956 and is famous for the Nanatsugama caves. These are seven caves formed by erosion and are as high as 5 meters and as deep as 110 meters. It is also possible to board a boat and view the caves up close.

    Nanatsugama Website

    8. View the Nagoya Castle Ruins (名護屋城跡)

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    名護屋城① 佐賀県東松浦郡にある、文禄・慶長の役の舞台となった名護屋城跡です。 もともとは松浦党の名護屋氏の居城、垣添城がありましたが、1591年8月、豊臣秀吉は大陸への進攻のため、ここを前線基地として大掛かりな築城を行います。 工事には、九州の諸大名が当たり、同年10月に着工。1日4〜5万の人夫を動員しての突貫大工事でしたが、5ヶ月後の翌年2月に完成したといわれています。 It is the Nagoya castle ruins in Higashi Matsuura gun, Saga prefecture. Originally Mr. Nagoya's residence of Matsuura Party there was Kakizoe Castle, but in August 1591, Toyotomi Hideyoshi made a large-scale castle as a front-line base as it advanced to the continent. In construction, various daimyo of Kyushu hit, started construction in October of the same year. It was a sudden construction work by mobilizing five husbands a day, but it is said that it was completed in February the following year after five months. #佐賀 #名護屋城跡 #城 #castle #朝鮮 #遠征 #歴史 #history #豊臣秀吉 #明 #城あそび #shiroasobi #castles #castle_oftheworld #castellidelmondo #castelli_in #chateau #chateaudechenonceau #worldheritagesite

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    The Nagoya Castle was built in 1591 by Lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi but was destroyed in 1598. Currently, only the stone fence and camp remain. The castle tower foundation is a perfect spot for hanami (花見) or flower viewing during spring.

    Nagoya Castle Ruins Website

    9. Visit the Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum (佐賀県立名護屋城博物館)

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    佐賀県にやって来ました。 沖縄以外の100名城を回りきれました。 沖縄は結婚10、20周年記念日が来るまで無理やな。 名護屋城、あんまり知らなかったのですが、秀吉が建てただけあって広かったです。 駐車場代、資料館無料でした。名護屋城跡地は、寄付を100円求められました。 維持費どうしてるんやろうか。 吉野ヶ里遺跡は、広い公園でした。広島やと丘陵公園的な感じです。 学生がめっちゃ多かったです。 駐車場310円入場料420円でした。 佐賀城の回りはテレビ局だらけで、銅像の後ろにも電波搭があり、魅力半減です。 駐車場、本丸歴史館とも無料でした。。 ありがたい。 博多で取引先に挨拶して広島にやっと帰れます。 #100名城 #佐賀県 #唐津市 #吉野ヶ里町 #佐賀市 #吉野ヶ里歴史公園 #佐賀城本丸歴史館 #佐賀県立名護屋城博物館 #一人旅 #名護屋城跡 #佐賀城 #吉野ヶ里遺跡

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    The Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum is located inside the Nagoya Castle Ruins. Exhibits in the museum include materials related to the castle and the history of the cultural exchange between Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

    Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum Website

    10. Buy Karatsu pottery

    Karatsu ware or Karatsu-yaki (唐津焼), along with Raku-yaki (楽焼) and Hagi-yaki (萩焼), are Japan’s great tea ceramics. Karatsu-yaki is fondly called “Chato (茶陶),” which means tea ceramics, and it was very well loved by tea ceremony masters from the ancient times. Karatsu ware was originally made for everyday use. The style used for Karatsu pottery is said to be a perfect example of the wabi-sabi aesthetic.

    11. Climb Mt. Kagamiyama (鏡山)

    Mt. Kagamiyama is a mountain 284 meters above sea level. At the summit, there is a lookout point, a lawn area, and a rest area. From here, you can see spectacular views of Karatsu City, including Karatsu Bay, the Niji no Matsubara Pine Grove, and Iki Island (壱岐島) of the neighboring Nagasaki Prefecture.

    Kagamiyama also has many legends surrounding it, with it being referenced in the Man’yoshu (万葉集), which is the oldest collection of Japanese poems.

    Mt. Kagamiyama Website

    12. See the beauty of Mikaeri no Taki Waterfalls (見帰の滝)

    Mikaeri no Taki waterfalls is located in Ouchi (相知), south of Karatsu City. This place is a sight to see during the different seasons because, in spring, it is adorned with lots of cherry blossoms, in summer, it is full of greenery, and during fall, the place is filled with autumn leaves.

    The Mikaeri no Taki waterfalls has been designated as one of the top 100 waterfalls in Japan. The Hydrangea Festival (アジサイ祭り) is held from June to July and you can see hydrangeas of different colors in full bloom here.

    Mikaeri no Taki Waterfalls Website *Japanese only

    13. See the breathtaking sunset at Oura Tanada Rice Terraces (大浦の棚田)

    This sightseeing spot is a must-visit if you want to witness a beautiful sunset. For viewing pleasure, it is recommended to visit Oura Tanada Rice Terraces during the rice planting season which is from May to June. This has also been selected as one of the best rice terraces in Japan.

    Oura Tanada Rice Terraces Website *Automatic translation available

    14. Pray at Karatsu Shrine (唐津神社)

    Karatsu Shrine was established during the Nara (奈良) period. Since then, successive feudal lords have respected this shrine and the townsfolk have always shown their support. The shrine sponsors the Karatsu Kunchi Festival (唐津くんち) which is held in November of every year.

    Karatsu Shrine Website *Japanese only

    15. Attend the Karatsu Kunchi Festival

    The Karatsu Kunchi Festival is also known as the Festival of Karatsu Shrine. It is considered as the major event in the Karatsu calendar. The festival is held annually, beginning on the evening of November 2nd and ending on November 4th.

    In this event, massive colorful floats called hikiyama (曳山) are pulled through the streets. Hikiyama are made from washi paper plastered on bamboo or wooden frames. They are then lacquered and decorated with gold and silver leaves. A total of 14 hikiyama can be seen during the festival.

    Karatsu Kunchi Festival Website

    These are just 15 activities you can do when you visit Karatsu. When you get there, you might even discover other things to do and other places to visit. Just always remember to have fun while you are there!

    Karatsu Tourist Association Website

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