Check These 10 Must-Try Chiffon Cakes at La Famille in Ikebukuro

  • I personally think that chiffon cakes are a staple baking recipe to have in one’s arsenal for baking. However, it’s actually pretty difficult to get these cakes to be fluffy and moist. Chiffon cake is my all-time favorite kind of cake because you can prepare them in any way you want according to how you feel, whether you’re in the mood for the traditional plain vanilla flavor or something a bit fancier like earl grey. They are also generally very light as they consist of a lot of air, hence the name, so you can have larger slices without feeling too full, for better or worse.

    If you’re like me who loves chiffon cakes or you want to try them out for the first time, then you’ll be glad to know that a specialty shop serving this kind of cake is located in Tokyo. Let’s check it out!

    La Famille (ラ・ファミーユ)

    La Famille is a chiffon cake specialty store in Ikebukuro. The special thing about La Famille is that their cakes are handmade and are all made from healthy and fresh ingredients. You can enjoy various types of cakes at La Famille that utilize seasonal fruits and vegetables. They do not use any baking powder in their cakes or other additives and use the natural bubbles of the eggs in order to create the fluffiness of the cakes.

    The main characteristic of the cakes from La Famille is the abundance of fruits and vegetables folded into the batter. La Famille has both baked chiffon cakes and chiffon cakes that are decorated with fresh cream. Each cake is sold already cut and the ones that are decorated with fresh cream should be eaten within the day of purchase, while the ones without decorations should be eaten within the next four or five days.

    Let’s take a look at the different chiffon cakes that La Famille offers!

    1. Framboise Chiffon (フランボワーズシフォン)

    Apparently, “framboise” is the French word for “raspberries.” La Famille’s framboise chiffon is a plain chiffon cake with raspberries folded into the base as well as on top. The great balance between the slight sourness of the raspberries and the sweetness of the cream and cake makes this one of the most popular cakes at La Famille.

    2. Plain Chiffon (プレーンシフォン)

    The plain chiffon from La Famille is the best choice if you are at a loss on which one to get. I personally love designing the plain chiffon cakes on my own by adding chocolate, caramel, strawberries, or whatever other sweet I feel like having. You could go chocolate crazy and cover an entire slice in chocolate and top it with some chocolate whipped cream. You can do anything with this egg-based chiffon cake!

    3. Cheese Chiffon (チーズシフォン)

    The cheese chiffon from La Famille abundantly uses Edam cheese (cheese from the Netherlands) and salt. The store recommends toasting the slice of chiffon cake to get the chunks of cheese inside to melt, creating a nice savory treat, unlike usual sweet chiffon cakes. The cheese chiffons might be great additions to the breakfast table or a slightly fancy brunch. What better way than to start off your day with some cake?

    4. Vegetable Chiffon (野菜シフォン)

    I personally have never seen a vegetable-flavored chiffon cake anywhere else and now I am sad that I have never been able to try one. The vegetable chiffon from La Famille consists of tomatoes, spinach, and pumpkins to bring out the bright flavor and savory taste, while the rest of the batter is lemon flavored, giving the cake a refreshing taste. These vegetable chiffons would make nice gifts as they are rare. The cake’s coloring alone is adorable and interesting, making it a perfect souvenir.

    5. Coffee Chiffon (コーヒーシフォン)

    Their coffee chiffon is made from a marbled base of two different kinds of coffee batter made from different darknesses of coffee. The slightly bitter cake base with the sweet and coffee-flavored cream make a perfect match. Even if the cake itself is already coffee flavored, I think that it would still make a good accompaniment to some coffee or some café au lait.

    6. Cinnamon Chiffon (シナモンシフォン)

    The cinnamon chiffon utilizes that slight spiciness that is particular to cinnamon and goes well on its own as well as with tea or coffee. Cinnamon personally reminds me of the Christmas season and all of the apple pie or hot chocolate with cinnamon, so it might be fun to replicate those kinds of flavors with this cinnamon cake by adding some chocolate or glazed apples.

    7. Chocolate Chiffon (チョコレートシフォン)

    The chocolate chiffon from La Famille is made from slightly bitter chocolate so it is perfect for anyone who finds normal chocolate cakes too sweet for their liking. The fragrant aroma of the cacao beans adds a nice touch to the entire cake.

    8. Tea Chiffon (紅茶シフォン)

    This tea chiffon is created with orange peels, rose petals, marigold petals, and some other flower petals and consists of natural ingredients. The tea that it is made with comes from Western Europe. This cake is extremely fragrant and is perfect for tea time. I love eating tea-flavored cake with hot milk because they make a great mix of flavors.

    9. Banana Chiffon (バナナシフォン)

    Their banana chiffons are made from fully ripe banana slices and the base itself is made with bananas folded in. The moist fluffiness of the cake is extremely addicting, making this one of the most popular cakes along with the framboise chiffon. The banana chiffon is not available during the summer and winter.

    10. Pumpkin Chiffon (かぼちゃシフォン)

    La Famille’s pumpkin chiffon is made from large chunks of pumpkins, making a very brightly colored cake on the inside. The subtle sweetness of the pumpkin adds a nice fragrance to the cake. This particular cake is not available in the summer due to the availability of pumpkins.

    Other than these ten types of cakes, La Famille also has seasonal chiffon cakes available, such as the chestnut chiffon, according to the kinds of fruits, vegetables, and berries that are in season. The large variety of chiffon cakes available at La Famille might make it a bit hard to decide on which to buy at first, but if you find a few of these more attractive than the others, why not try them all? You could buy a few slices and share each of them with your friends and family to find your favorite organic chiffon cake from La Famille.

    La Famille Website

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