Amazing ’Free View’ from Tokyo Metropolitan Building

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    Not all skyscrapers in Tokyo would offer you to go to their summit for free to have a look at the city. Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower have been the major attractions for sky-gazers and tourists out there. The building is a masterpiece with two observatories, one is the North and the other is South, both are located near to the epitome at 45th floor, 200 metres approximately from the ground on each wing of this twin tower. It is located amidst wonderful and modern skyline giving even a distant view of the Mount Fuji and the Tokyo Skytree.

    Why should I go?


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    Because it’s free and there are two observatories which are spacious enough to accommodate many people. Moreover, it’s not crowded at all even in the weekend, when compared to the other attractions like the Skytree, which is very expensive to have a similar view from the top. Furthermore, it is located in Shinjuku which is the vibrant and dandiest part of Tokyo and is accessible from any part of the Kanto and the surrounding regions. It also has some souvenir shops in the observatories.

    Also, in the vicinity of the building, there are many other skyscrapers which are eye catching. Therefore if you plan one single trip to the building, you could actually see all those other buildings like the following one which looks like an elliptical sushi. 😜

    Why is it free?


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    Because it’s a government building constructed to serve as a city hall. It has been the tallest building in Tokyo until 2006. It is not widely promoted intentionally, to prevent the flocking tourist mass into the building that is actually built for administrative purposes. Nevertheless, this building is well known among local dwellers and movie fans as its usually featured in many Japanese movies.

    When should I go?


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    This is actually very important matter. There is a lot of pollution in Tokyo, not more than Beijing or New Delhi of course, and so it is recommended to go in the afternoon when the sky is a bit clearer on a less cloudy day. You can see Mt.Fuji when there is a bit less smog and if you have enough sunlight. Also, you could walk around a little bit and see other skyscrapers as well and come back in the evening when everything is lit up. It’s super bright due to reflection and is a bit hard to take a clear picture. Yet, you can give a try. Good luck. Have a nice day in Tokyo!


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