Iwaki-san, Jewel of the Tsugaru Peninsula

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  • Iwaki-san, Tsugaru


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    When most people think of Japan, Mount Fuji is immediately brought to mind. While Fuji-san is a beautiful and iconic place to visit, it is not Japan’s only picturesque mountain. Mount Iwaki, which is located near the Tsugaru Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture, is a fantastic location to see if you plan to visit the northern region of Honshu.

    Iwaki-san, Aomori Prefecture’s tallest mountain, is actually a three-domed stratovolcano with a summit reaching 1625 meters. Because of its conical shape, Iwaki-san is often referred to as the Tsugaru Fuji. Like Mount Fuji, Iwaki-san is set up by a number of stations. Some of these stations are reachable by vehicle or ropeway, but the summit can only be reached by foot.

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    The mountain is beautiful all year round! In the winter and early spring, Iwaki-san looks majestic with its snow-capped peaks. During the warmer months, tourists and residents flock to hike its rocky trails. Though it takes approximately four hours to scale the mountain, hikers who reach the top are rewarded with a one-of-a-kind view of the Tsugaru Peninsula.


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    Hiking isn’t the only activity in the surrounding areas near Iwaki-san. There are numerous attractions within 30 minutes of the mountain in every direction. Close to the southern foot of the mountain is one of the world’s longest cherry blossom-lined roads, which boasts more than 6,000 trees of the Oyamazakura variety. Also in the vicinity are numerous natural hot springs, apple orchards selling famous Aomori apples, Buddhist temples, and Shinto shrines. Venturing a bit further out from the mountain are the Hakkoda Mountains, Mutsu Bay, Hirosaki Castle, the city of Aomori, the largest seated bronze statue of Buddha in Japan, and stunning views of the Sea of Japan.

    As you can see, Iwaki-san is the perfect destination for your next trip to Northern Japan!