Bond With Your Furry Friends Over These 4 Dog Services in Japan

  • Many Japanese people own pets for several reasons, such as desiring companionship or simply having great love for animals. Though people often face considerable hurdles in owning a pet in the city such as expenses and need for space, many of them continue to find a way to keep their furry friends. The popular pet choices in the country are dogs and cats.

    If you’re a dog owner and would like your pet to experience the dynamic Japan life outside of the usual parks and dog runs, then try some of the amazing services catered to dogs in the country. Let’s check out 4 of them below!

    1. Deco’s Dog Cafe

    Who doesn’t like having lunch with their furry friend? Deco’s Dog Cafe is one of the paw-some places you can visit if you’re looking for food served for both humans and dogs. Dog owners can literally share a table with their canines and enjoy gourmet dishes together. You may also celebrate your dog’s birthday here with a plate of birthday rolled chicken or a delicious meat cake decorated with a bone biscuit. If you’d like to have a personalized cake made, you may do so.

    Deco’s Dog Cafe was opened in 2001 by Hideko Imado (今戸秀子). She wanted to create a cafe where pets can be in charge instead of their masters. This was definitely a whole new level of establishing good relationships between dog owners and pooches.

    There are so many great varieties of foods that will definitely satisfy your dog’s belly. Some of their special menus include human and canine versions of cabbage rolls, sweet potato scones, and chicken pie. You may also have a cappuccino and treat your dog to a “puppyccino.”

    If you don’t own a canine, you can still come and rent one to feed or take out for a short walk. The staff and customers are dog-friendly so this is an opportunity for you to meet new people and make some doggy friends.

    Deco’s Dog Cafe Website *Japanese only

    2. Dog Petit Resort JOKER Tsunayoshi no Yu (綱吉の湯)

    Soaking in hot spring baths is a popular trend in the country. This is not only limited to humans but is also available for pets. Dogs can also de-stress themselves in order to achieve inner beauty by visiting Tsunayoshi no Yu. This is a place in Odaiba (お台場) where dogs can get pampered. This hot spring for dogs is an annex to Oedo Onsen Monogatari (大江戸温泉物語), which is a popular onsen destination for men and women.

    Pampering extends to letting your dogs bathe while enjoying a full shampoo and massage. Just like humans, dogs’ pores can get clogged, too. In order to cleanse away the dirt, dogs can enjoy a relaxing time in the bubble spa and oxygen capsule. You may also ask for a consultation from the onsen’s staff. They are reliable and very professional people who are always willing to help you tackle your dog’s health problems. There’s no need to make a reservation for the hot springs except for the other services being offered.

    So if you feel like your furry friend needs time to relax, help him find his inner peace by pampering him at this onsen.

    *Permanently closed

    Dog Petit Resort JOKER Tsunayoshi no Yu Website *Japanese only

    3. Pet Taxi Smile

    Many people in Japan rely on public transportation when traveling. This situation makes it hard for pet owners to go to places with their animal companion. So if you’d like to go around town with your pet, you may do so by using Pet Taxi Smile.

    Pet Taxi Smile is a Tokyo-based pet taxi company manned by a licensed driver who aims to provide the best ride for you and your pet. The taxi features spacious interiors in order to allow room for both pets and owners to relax. The driver also makes sure that no bumpy roads ahead will ruin the ride for the pets. This kind of service is great for those owners who do not own cars or who need to take their pets out for emergencies or to the pet salon.

    If your pet loves music, you may also listen to a relaxing melody whilst on the taxi. The ride starts at 4,000 yen for the first 5 kilometers. If you’d be taking your pet for a longer ride, you may rent the van for 15,000 yen (6 hours) to 30,000 yen (12 hours). And don’t worry as the vehicle is thoroughly clean, deodorized, and equipped with the necessary sanitary tools.

    Pet Taxi Smile Website *Japanese only

    4. Doggy’s Island Resort & Villa

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    こんにちは❗️ワンバサダーの さと🐾です‼️ 寒くなってきたけど、ボクはあったかベスト♨️で寒さ対策バッチリ😊このベスト、リバーシブルなんだ〜、どう⁉️カッコいいでしょ👍🏻✨ さて今日はいつもボクがお店番している、小谷流ファーマーズを紹介します✨ 小谷流ファーマーズでは、地元・八街を中心に、新鮮な野菜🍠や🥚、🥜最近話題のQなっつなど千葉のお土産🎁も販売中✌🏻 🐶と一緒にお買い物も出来ちゃうので、ぜひボクに会いに来てね🐕待ってま〜す🐾 #ゴールデン#小谷流の里ドギーズアイランド #ドギーズアイランド#ドッグラン#イベント #週末 #ドッグカフェ #千葉県 #八街市#犬と泊まれる宿 #愛犬とお出かけ #いぬ #犬#イヌ#多頭飼い#わんこ#ペット#犬部#ふわもこ部#ワンコ#犬のいる暮らし#いぬすたぐらむ #dog #dogsofinstagram #pet#dogstagram #animal#pets #petstagram#ピーナッツ

    小谷流の里 ドギーズアイランド公式さん(@doggys_island_official)がシェアした投稿 –

    For a luxurious getaway with your beloved dog, go to Doggy’s Island Resort & Villa in Yachimata (八街), Chiba (千葉). It is a top-quality resort and villa for dogs and owners. Everything here has been purely designed the way a dog owner could wish for. Villas can be found in the woods or by the water (equipped with private pools as well as dog’s pools). You can go to the resort to see your dog run with sheer joy in the natural grass lawns or in the villages’ trails.

    Doggy’s Island Resort & Villa is a great place to visit any time of the year. It is literally a dog’s paradise and an answer to getting away from the busy life in Tokyo. Special dog menus, such as risotto and croquettes, are also available.

    All units have seating areas and flat-screen TVs as well as DVD players. Depending on the unit, some have a terrace and a dining area. Free Wi-Fi is available all throughout the property and there is also a free parking area on site.

    Since this is a luxurious place, you’ll be paying an average price of 44,000 yen per night. This may sound really pricey, but remember that you are paying for high-quality amenities which are good for both humans and dogs.

    Doggy’s Island Resort & Villa Website *Japanese only

    If you feel like breaking away from your mundane activities in life, then go out of your comfort zone with your furry buddy. These four services are truly amazing and worth the money if you’d like you and your pet to develop a great bond while on enjoyment. These are not that common anywhere else in the world so grab the opportunity while you’re staying in Japan. You’ll surely have a paw-some adventure with your furry companion if you try out these services!

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