Boring Meetings? Check These Fantasy “Idea Rooms” in Akihabara!

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  • Why agonize over dull, monotonous corporate meetings when you can always make the experience magical and Potter-like?

    What if you’re given the chance to sit inside a magic classroom like in Hogwarts, or in a white room inspired by Alice in Wonderland? Will you take the chance?

    You read that right.

    Fans of the globally successful franchises, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, will take delight in these rental conference rooms found in Akihabara (秋葉原), Tokyo (東京). For professionals who often work at home, meeting occasionally with the team is necessary. These magical places were created to inspire and make you more excited about your meeting.

    So if you’re ready for the world of magic, let’s dive into it!

    The Founder and the “Castle of Ideas (アイデアの城)”

    These amazing rooms inside the “Castle of Ideas” were initially created by IT firm ZEEBOON in Tokyo to somehow make the meeting sessions of their team more exciting. By trying out the unconventional and doing away with the monotony of bland walls, dull tables, and the repetitive feel of usual meetings, ZEEBOON managed to create something that turned out to be a hit not only among their members but also among other people who wish to rent the rooms for meeting purposes.

    1. Magicae Schala of the Royal Palace (王宮の魔法学校のご紹介)

    Have you ever wondered how it feels like to sit in the same class as Harry Potter while Professor Snape teaches you some of the most epic Dark Arts magic? Fascinating, isn’t it?

    Now, you can bring the experience to life along with your colleagues and boss – minus the fictional Dark Arts professor and his magic.

    This magic-themed meeting room was designed following the celebrated Hogwarts interior that many fans and casual viewers come to admire because of its detailed ornaments and astounding brick wall architecture.

    Must-see features of this room include:

    • Realistic dungeon-like entrance
    • Hanging owl cages
    • Royal throne
    • Long wooden tables with chairs on the sides
    • Hanging swords

    Magicae Schala of the Royal Palace *Japanese only

    2. Alice in The Imagination White Room (アリスのイマジネーションホワイトルームのご紹介)

    If the magic academy isn’t your thing, then here’s another option that would still appeal to your interest in fantasy but will give you a lighter ambiance with a feminine touch.

    This room appears to be torn right out of the Alice in Wonderland storybook and inspires you to bring out your creativity with the help of its relaxing ambiance.

    Must-see features of this room include:

    • White walls covered with quotes and illustrations
    • White Rabbit
    • Furniture and room decorations covered in quotes
    • Magnificent tree structure covered in book pages
    • Painted doors and windows to create an impression of being in a book
    • White grandfather clock with gold face and details

    Alice in The Imagination White Room *Japanese only

    Both rooms are 100 square meters in size and are fully furnished. You even have access to a huge monitor where employees could project reports and data they wish the whole team to see. Speakers and Wi-Fi connection are also part of the package.

    At 30,000 yen (approximately 270 USD), you and your team will already be able to rent any of the two rooms for an hour. Should you decide to stay longer, a corresponding payment will be charged. Both rooms are able to cater 54 people.

    Inspiring Creativity and Freethinking

    With the competitive industries Japan has, it’s no longer a surprise to find lots of companies, both startup and veteran ones, looking for new ways to ace the competition. It’s that thought that primarily drove ZEEBOON to build these rooms that encourage creativity as well as freethinking among the people who want to use the space.

    By providing a place with a unique and unconventional ambiance, users could also muster the stimulation they need to think outside the box.

    This needed inspiration is even more amplified in the case of those employees who are big fans of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories. By allowing yourself to be immersed in the fictional world as you work, you are tricking your brain into adopting a new working attitude that is not only beneficial to your perspective, but also to the overall quality of your output.

    The best thing is, you don’t have to worry about mastering Potter spells like Alohomora just to unlock the doors of the room. Nor would you have to think of Lord Voldemort or the Red Queen unleashing their wrath and evil plots to ruin your important budget planning. It’s purely an innovative, magical experience minus the risk.

    If you wish to raise it a knot higher, you can even wear black hoodies or costumes to complete your experience! But of course, the company doesn’t have those outfits in stock so you will have to bring them yourself.

    A Word of Advice to Tourists and Non-Locals

    There’s no rule that strictly enforces you to hold a meeting when renting the conference rooms so if you just want the comfort of these creative spaces, you may do so. It will be an advantage if you give the owners a heads up just to make sure you get a room on a specific day. You’re not the only one eyeing to occupy these rooms after all, so might as well coordinate with the owners ahead of time.

    Making the Best Out of Your Stay in the Akihabara Area

    Accessibility shouldn’t be an issue when finding this place since it’s just located in Akihabara, the hub for all things geeky.

    And since you’re in the area, you’ll have more chance to explore not just cool and authentic anime merchandise, but basically most of the things that Japan is known for. If your team wants to have a quick break from meetings, you may drop by some of those popular cafes with stunning, bizarre, and limited food and souvenir offers!

    For non-locals, shopping around Akihabara might be all you need to find that perfect memento for friends or loved ones back home.

    Castle of Ideas Website *Japanese only

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