4 Incredible Japanese Spas You Ought To Try!

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  • Just an hour outside of Tokyo, Hakone, lie some popular traditional spas, typically in Yunessun Spa House. Public bathing in an onsen(hot springs) is the best form of relaxation for Japanese people, they soothe in them and give themselves a reward that they deserve. This resort offers an all-body spa treatment, you can even choose the bath with beverages you like, it features pools filled with wine, coffee, sake, green tea and even ramen noodles.

    Coffee Spa

    Chilling in hot springs is good for health as well as for skin, and this real coffee spa in Yunessun is one of a kind experience you may wanna try. Fresh batches of coffee are poured in throughout the day, it is quite an effective treatment to have beautiful skin, and moreover coffee aroma can refresh you and lessen your fatigue.

    Wine Spa

    Once upon a time there was a rumour that Cleopatra had been taking a wine bath, the idea is taken from there. They’re pouring real wine with the liquid that has skin-brightening benefits in, and offer an opportunity to actually drink some wine(from the bar) while taking a bath. Aside from green tea and sake pool, it seemed like this would also be an obvious choice as wine has a natural capability of benefitting your skin.

    Sake Spa

    This sake spa also contains original liquid that has reverse aging effect, it can actually diminish those age spots and freckles.

    Green Tea Spa

    This bath has a two-metre tall teapot filled with green tea essential for a fairer and younger skin. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants that benefit body, and especially skin, in many ways. This green tea pool might open a new way of relieving stress and relaxing!

    Ramen Noodles Spa

    Japan is also famous for its ramen noodles and most Japanese crave for it in a winter time. This spa ia a treat for all ramen-lovers, the tub has a bowl-like shape with the noodles hanging above visitors’ heads. It contains synthetic, non-edible noodles that benefit health and skin and help metabolism. (Ramen Spa was a limited-time spa, it is no longer available)

    Although Ramen bath is no longer available, Yunessun always offers new limited types of spa, the latest one is Wasabi Bath (2015.3.20-2015.6.30)

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