Best Places to Get Ice Cream in Osaka

  • Who hates ice cream? Nobody! Ice cream in Japan is incredibly delicious. Dairy in general in Japan is incredible. As summer nears us, you are going to want an icy snack. So if you are in Osaka, where should you go to get some delicious ice cream? Allow me to suggest a couple. A great place to go for ice cream in Osaka is Amerika Mura (American Village) or Ame-mura to locals. Ame-mura is an eclectic shopping district in the heart of Osaka.

    Ice Cream in Ame-Mura

    Ame-mura is a very interesting place in Osaka. There are a lot of interesting shops and stores. Some of the best are ice cream places. Take the Midosuji line to Shinsaibashi station. Once you come up from the subway station, cross the big street and you’ll be in Ame-mura

    The Ice Dog

    Yes, that’s right. Soft serve ice cream in a sweetened hot dog bun. You can have it plain or with several toppings. Absolutely delicious! Perfect if you want a bit more hearty snack. These will run you about 350 yen each.


    The Tower

    Around the corner from the Ice Dog place is another ice cream place called Long Softcream that gives you a giant ice cream cone! It comes in 3 flavors, vanilla, chocolate, or vanilla and chocolate mixed. One cone costs 300 yen.



    If you want a little higher quality ice cream, Shiroichi is your place. It is right next store to Long Softcream. They have many types and flavors and is very delicious.



    Ame-mura is one of the more interesting areas in Osaka, so buy yourself some ice cream and take a long walk around this unique area.

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