Kushikatsu: Japanese Kebab?

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  • What is this food with a funny name? One of the best foods Japan offers. Simply put kushi-katsu is fried meat on a stick. Well, that is a over-generalization. Meat, vegetables, fish, and many other things are skewered on a stick, breaded and deep fried. You dip the concoction in a sauce and enjoy.

    Osaka and Kushi-Katsu

    While kushi-katsu does not originate in Osaka, Osaka style is the most popular. Shinsekai is very famous for kushi-katsu shops and stands. These shops and stands have been copied all throughout the country, but the original place is still best.

    Kushi-Katsu Shops

    If you are visiting Osaka, make time to visit Shinsekai and try some . Kushi-katsu restaurants are usually small, and you sit at a counter near the kitchen. In front of the bar where you will sit will be a trough with the famous dipping sauce. You order what you want and how many sticks of each, dip your food in the sauce and enjoy.

    How to order?

    You can simply get the attention of the cook, and point at what you want. If you can’t read or speak Japanese, don’t worry. Many kushi-katsu shops do everything from meats, to cheese, and even cake and ice cream. Just try a lot of different things that look tasty to you.

    How to eat?

    One important rule in Osaka, DON’T DOUBLE DIP!!! Once you dip your kushi-katsu in the sauce, you can not dip it again. If you need some more sauce, you can take some of the cabbage, available on the bar next to you, as a spoon. Once you finish with your skewer, put it into the bamboo cup near you.

    Last tip…

    Don’t be afraid. Try a lot of different types, and experiment. Kushi-katsu is one of the greatest Japanese foods. Please enjoy!
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