6 craziest Japanese roller coasters

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  • When you want to experience the most extreme rides, Japan has what it takes to be called amazing and exciting when it comes to Amusement Parks. Fuji-Q Highland is one of the most highly recommended to choose from aside from the popular Tokyo Disney Land and Disney Sea. For anyone who wants a thrilling or an adventurous roller coaster ride, these are the places you have to go to when in Japan.

    Thunder Dolphin at Tokyo Dome City

    This is the 8th tallest steel roller coaster (262 feet) located in La Qua amusement park, part of Tokyo Dome City Attractions in Tokyo, Japan. As it lifts you to the top, you can enjoy the view of beautiful scenery that surrounds Tokyo. The ride goes through two holes, first in La Qua Building and the second one through the center of the Ferris Wheel, also known as the “Big O.”


    Takabisha Roller Coaster


    富士山と高飛車 🗻🎢

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    Takabisha is the world’s steepest roller coaster with a free fall at about 121-degree. Thrill-seekers must ride this jaw dropping coaster which features seven twists and blackened tunnels. Takabisha can be translated as “dominant” in English.


    Moonsault Scramble Roller Coaster

    Moonsault Scramble is one of the four coasters in Fuji-Q Highland, it is a double loop shuttle coaster and has an entrance and exit inversion form like a pretzel knot. First trip starts with a quick launch and with passengers faced backward. Heart-pumping, the thrill continues up to the second trip, this time passengers are facing forward.



    Reaching an amazing top speed and peaks at a maximum height of 170 feet. It is also the 4th world fastest roller coaster since 2013 with an extremely high acceleration caused by the air compressor working during launch time. In the beginning, it has a nasty trick with fake countdown, and once you are riding this crazy roller coaster, you will get to experience a variety of movements like seat spinning, twisting sideways, upside down loop and etc.



    Fujiyama is the main centrepiece because of it’s name referred to “Mt. Fuji”. But even though it isn’t on the list of the world’s top coasters nor in the world record in terms of speed, this steel coaster might be the ride you want to try. This typical roller coaster might scare you as it lifts you in an intense way only to drop you down from 259 height.



    Also located on the grounds of Fuji-Q Highland, Eeijanaika has the highest total number of spins and been said that it has almost 14 rotations. It holds the record for the fastest 4th dimensional roller coaster, this red trail coaster is going to give you mind blowing, jaw dropping, crazy feeling to the point that you won’t be able to stop laughing once the ride is over.


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