Ever Heard of 31 Ice Cream, Japan’s Version of Baskin Robbins?

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  • In Japan, if you asked someone where you could find Baskin Robbins ice cream, most people would look confused, and the others may say “Oh, do you mean 31?” In Japan, we don’t call the ever popular ice cream store Baskin Robbins, we call it 31. That, obviously comes from the fact that each Baskin Robbins features 20 standard flavors which differ depending on whatever is popular in the country it is in, and 11 other special flavors that change depending on the season.

    Main Flavors

    The 20 main flavors are chosen based on popularity. If a certain special flavor is popular, it may be added as one of the main flavors. Out of the main flavors, there are a few that would probably be only popular in Japan.

    Out of this list of current main flavors, matcha green tea, mask melon, and dainagon azuki red bean are distinct to Japan. Muskmelon is popular fruit in Japan, and matcha and dainagon azuki are flavors based on “wa” (traditional Japanese) desserts.

    Seasonal Flavors

    There is a total of 241 past and present flavors at 31 Ice Cream. Some of these flavors reappear depending on the season. Here are some examples of the types of ice cream that may be available for each specific season! (the flavors change depending on the year so some of the flavors on this list may not be available)

    Valentines Day

    Love Potion 31 Dark / Love Potion 31

    German Chocolate Cake / Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

    Triple Fruits Garden / Easter Egg Hunt

    Orange Cheesecake / Suica (Watermelon) Summer

    Papa Coconut / Trio De Janeiro

    Spooky Cookie / Ghost World

    Zahatorte / Brown Sugar & Cinnamon

    Whenever you visit Japan, make sure to check out the nearest 31 Ice Cream shop to try their newest flavors that you can only eat here in Japan! Happy eating!

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