4 Important Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Japan

  • HOW TO
  • If you are planning go to Japan or already booked your flight tickets to Japan, here is a list of the things you’d better know before going. It will help to make your travel smoother and more fun!

    1. ATMs

    Most Japanese ATMs don’t accept cards issued outside of Japan. But no worries, you can use your credit cards or debit cards to withdraw money from 7-11 ATMs. For sure, you will find 7-11 easily as it has the biggest number of convenient store brunches in Japan. Also every 7-11 is opened 24hours a day and ATMs works all day long too. So if you need to withdraw money in Japan, just go to 7-11 and withdraw cash anytime you need.

    2. Cash

    Maybe it will surprise you but commonly people still use cash to pay for pretty much anything almost all the time in Japan. And there are places that don’t accept credit cards, such as small restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. You better carry some cash all the time with you just in case.

    3. Tips are not required

    At the hotel, restaurant, or even taxi you will receive great service that might make you want to tip a person, but Japan does not have tipping culture. If you offer them a tip, they most likely won’t accept it. They love to give customers great service for the sake of hospitality. They are just expecting customers say Arigato ( Thank you ). So, enjoy one of the greatest hospitalities and don’t forget to say Arigato.

    4. No take-out-boxes or doggy bags

    Japan has a culture of not wasting food. Commonly people eat all of the food that they ordered in a restaurant. Of corse, if you really can finish it, it’s not a problem. Just remember that people do not bring leftover foods home from a restaurant. And also restaurants don’t have take-out-boxes. Just be careful and don’t order too much.

    I hope this information will help you on your trip and you will have wonderful time in Japan. Have a safe and fun trip!