The New Trend: Exercise in the DARK

  • Have you ever heard of fitness training in the dark? Fitness training in the dark is a new type of exercise that originated in New York and it has now spread to the far shores of Japan. FEELCYCLE is popular amongst celebrities such as Lady Gaga as it is exercising in the dark, meaning that nobody will see your face.


    The first FEELCYCLE studio opened in Ginza and there are now 12 studios in Japan;

    Ginza 1st, Ginza 5th, Kawasaki, Omiya, Roppongi, Sakae
    Ikebukuro, Umeda, Omotesando, Shinsaibashi, Akasaka, FukuokaTenjin

    About the Lessons

    FEELCYCLE consists of aerobic exercising and muscle training. Each lesson is 45 minutes long and you can burn somewhere around 400-800 calories per lesson.

    Every lesson is done in the dark and with the thumping music and flashing club lights, you get the feeling that you are dancing at a club.

    Each lesson is taught by an instructor that is also a performer and a DJ. The whole studio comes together as you can immerse yourself in the music. There is a wide range of music available such as house, soul, rock and hip hop. There are also lessons that use music from special genres such as unplugged (acoustic), Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Madonna, 90’s and 80’s.
    You can also choose your classes according to which part of your body that you would like to tone.

    -“Back & Arm” is a lesson using a tube that is effective to shaping up your upper arms and your back.
    -“Leg & Hip” is a lesson for gaining slim legs and hips.
    -“Waist” is a lesson for women to gain a slim waist and for men to gain six pack abs. It is also effective in preventing metabolic syndrome.

    Please check the official site for the pricing;
    Official Website*Japanese Only

    If you have already been doing FEELCYLE and would like to do it while you visit Japan, or you have never tried it and would like to try it, you can now do it here in Japan! It’s the newest trend to staying fit and having fun!

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