Heading to Tokyo? Try the City’s Favorite Dish, Monjayaki!

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  • Are you planning to visit Tokyo? If so please check this out! Monjayaki (もんじゃ焼き) is Japanese traditional food which is pretty famous especially in the Shitamachi districts such as Tsukishima (月島), Asakusa (浅草) and so on.

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    However, the ways to cook Monjayaki are different depending on the Monjayaki restaurants. Today I’m going to show you the basic way to cook Monjayaki.


    -Flour : 30g
    -Worcestershire sauce : 25g
    -Water : 250cc
    -Cabbage : 100g
    -Your favourite special ingredients
    (ex. small shrimps, cut squid, green dried seaweed..as much as you want)
    -Oil : a little bit

    *A hotplate
    *A bowl
    *A spatula
    *And also it would be nice if you have “Hagashi”, a small spatula only for Monjayaki.

    F.Y.R. Hagashi

    How to cook

    1. Prepare the ingredients!

    Put flour, worcestershire sauce and water into the bowl and mix them. Add cut cabbage and your favourite special ingredients.
    Tips: Putting a lot of cabbage is good for the taste and making it healthy!

    2. Saute the ingredients!

    Oil a hotplate after heating it up until 200 degree. Then sauté the above lightly on it. Please be careful to get spattered with oil…

    3. Pour the dough into the torus-shaped!

    Make a torus-shape with those ingredients, and pour the half of dough into the hole of it. Mix them after they start to simmer. Do the same to the rest of dough, and shape it into a circle. (Monjayaki doesn’t become a mass like Okonomiyaki)

    4. Grill until the surface gets burned!

    Make them thin on the hotplate, and wait until the edge of dough gets crispy. In the end, put some green dried seaweed to your liking. Now ready to eat! Try using Hagashi to scrape Monjayaki and eat it. Hotter is tastier. You can also make some Osenbei (like crackers).

    In some Monjayaki restaurants in Tokyo, the staffs will show you how to cook it. But if you know the ways already, you can cook by yourself and make them surprised!

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