Check Out This Unique Japanese Pop Idol Group of Cute Dogs!

  • The topic of “concept” plays a large role in Japan when it comes to the idol industry. With hundreds of individual, duo, and group idols present today, each and every one of them is doing their best to make their name stand out in the charts. This may not be easy, especially for newer idols trying to make a name for themselves, but this is where their unique and attractive “concept” comes in.

    Popular idol groups have successfully established their own “concept” to be a memorable idol that people find interesting. For example, AKB48 have their concept of “idols you can meet”, BABYMETAL fused Japanese pop with heavy metal, and Perfume created theirs with mixing electronic dance music and bubblegum pop. These are some of the big names in the industry with their unique concepts, and it’s hard to overtake them in the same genre.

    Since Japan always seems to be open to accepting new concepts, an idol group was actually formed not to prioritize being an idol group, but with the concept geared towards promoting Japanese tourism!

    Mofu Mofu☆Dogs

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    Foreigners who visit Japan many times, many countries are still close in distance. Beginning in Taiwan, South Korea and China, many travelers from Southeast Asia are coming. Meanwhile, "Tohoku" is particularly popular among Taiwanese people. It seems that the size and sweetness of apples from Aomori is also famous in Taiwan. Also, it seems that MOFUMOFU 's Akita dog is also popular …. The movie that Akita Prefecture made as a PR became a topic, and the popularity of Akita dog seems to be rising. Also, Akita prefecture is famous for the word "Akita beauty women" in Japan, there are many beauty women in Akita. As the snow is so many in the current period, be careful not to let yourself get distracted by the beautiful woman walking in the city! lol

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    As the name of this idol group suggests, the group consists of dogs as idols. Not just one, but three Akita breeds form this band!

    The word “mofu-mofu” is actually a Japanese word meaning “fluffy”, and this surely matches the cute little dogs featured since you’ll surely want to pet them with their soft-looking fur. But there’s one funny, or maybe even strange, thing about this group. The cute dogs, instead of wearing idol-like dog clothing as you might expect, have the bodies of humans!

    Being the first ever Akita dog idol group in Japan, this unique concept was actually started by the Akita Inu Tourism group (秋田犬ツーリズム). It is a group that is dedicated to promoting tourism in Akita Prefecture (秋田県), and it wasn’t long ago that the Mofu Mofu☆Dogs made their debut as they were first mentioned in public during the first week of November 2016.

    Boosting Local Tourism

    As mentioned earlier, the aim of the group is to boost local tourism, with a large focus on Odate (大館), Kita Akita (北秋田), Kosakamachi (小坂町) and Kamikoanimura (上小阿仁村). Watching the video will also introduce you to some of Akita Prefecture’s local cuisine, such as Kiritanpo, and a little history of the places as well.

    What’s an idol group without any music, right? Well, for Mofu Mofu☆Dog’s debut number, they have the song “Waiting4U~We’ll Make You Mofu Mofu” on Youtube!

    Mofu Mofu☆Dogs Debut Song

    While the song centers on the barks, you don’t have to worry as there are English and Japanese subtitles available! As of the time of writing this article, the group has not released any more songs for tourism purposes, so you could say that the Mofu Mofu☆Dogs are a one-hit wonder. Only time will tell if this remains true.

    Certainly, the concept that the Akita Inu Tourism group came up with for the Mofu Mofu☆Dogs is quite unique; not to mention the purpose of the group is aimed towards the promotion of their beloved prefecture’s cities.

    Hopefully, we will get to see more of these kinds of videos from different prefectures of Japan boasting about their local food, areas, and history as unique as how the video portrayed Akita. What do you think of this kind of promotional video? Are you hooked to the message that they’re trying to tell?

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