McDonald’s Japan Tries a Daring Flavor With Their Limited Edition Fries

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  • “What am I going to eat today?” Here’s a question that a lot of us ponder over on a daily basis. Having to decide what to eat is often seen as a first world problem that illustrates how quickly consumers get bored of eating the same type of food. For this reason, Japanese gastronomy businesses are continuously coming out with new items to add to their menu to pique the interest of their customers. In Japan, this is particularly evident with the change of seasons.

    Where should you be looking for the seasonal special of the moment? Your answer – McDonald’s. The Japanese branch of the company are making the most of these final winter weeks in Japan by sprucing up their fries with a national favorite: Daigaku imo (大学芋).

    The History of Daigaku Imo (大学芋)

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    近頃は 「時短レシピ」がものすごく流行っていますが たまには手間暇かけてじっくりと。☺️ . 今回はさつま芋を蒸籠でふかしてから少量の米油で揚げ焼きにして、 大学芋に。 自分史上 最も美味しい大学芋かも…?🤔🍠中はホックホクで外はカリカリ、甘さ控えめのタレを絡めて頂きます。一度蒸籠で蒸しているので、さつまいも本来の甘さが充分に引き立っている🤤🍠🍠 . これは気をつけないと、味見が止まらんやつ、、😂笑 . スーパーで売られている普通のさつまいもが大変身です。😳 . 最高〜〜!!!😂✨✨✨✨ . なるべく栄養素を逃さずに かつ素材の良さを最も引き出す調理法で仕上げました。☺️🍳 . . 最後の写真は去年大学芋作った時に バニラアイスと粒あんを乗せた一枚…!🍨 . これも間違いないスイーツ🤤💓 . #大学芋#さつまいも#手作り#おうちおやつ#出来立て #最高に美味しい#幸せの極み#sweetpotato #instafood #foodstagram #healthy#cooking #料理研究家#管理栄養士#馬場翔子の料理記録

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    Daigaku imo literally translates as “university potatoes”. There are several theories explaining how this name came about. One theory is that during the Showa (昭和) era a student from Tokyo University did not have enough money to pay his university fees, so he resorted to making and selling this sweet potato snack as a means of making money.

    Another theory is that a steamed potato shop called Mikawaya (三河屋) became a big hit among university students thanks to its location close to Tokyo University.

    In any case, this syrupy sweet potato snack was always a favorite among university students in Tokyo starting from back in the 1900s. Even after over a century, daigaku imo hasn’t lost its charm which is why it’s a must-try for anyone that gets the chance.

    How Is Daigaku Imo Made?

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    Petite cooking class 《大学芋》 プチ料理教室の時間です。 前回の味付け半熟玉子同様、レシピが乱雑してるし、分かりにくいのが多すぎるので簡単な基本を教えちゃう。大学芋の為に油で揚げるとか家庭だと面倒だろうから、フライパンで作ります。 ●さつまいもを火が入りやすいようにスティック状に切る。(輪切りでもいいけど) ●大さじ一杯ほどの油でフライパンで弱火で火を通す。軽く焼き目がつく位。(写真2枚目) ●別のフライパンに大さじ砂糖4醤油1油1&酢2滴位を混ぜて中火にかけ全体がフツフツ沸いたら、さつまいも絡めて完成。 はい。簡単。 point① タレは先に混ぜて、火にかけたら箸、ヘラ等で混ぜない。フライパンを揺らすだけ。再結晶化してざらざらになります。 point② 味がしない程度の酢2滴。タレのキレがよくなります。(絡み過ぎない、再結晶化しない) point③ タレに油を混ぜることでベタつきを防ぎます。 point④ 煮詰めない。煮詰めると飴になるよ。歯につまるよ。沸いたら絡めておしまい。 以上。 写真の色の濃い方は少し煮詰めて氷水にとって固めたやつ。芋同士はくっつくし、飴状になって歯につまるし、不愉快。 奥のが今回紹介した煮詰めないやつ。タレはほどよく絡み、冷めたら冷めたで薄く飴でコーティングされ、出来立てでも冷めても美味しい。 細かいこというと、水飴入れるとか、水にさらしてアク抜きするとか、氷水に入れるとか人によって色々コツはあるけど、 不要。 これで充分美味しいです。 pointを抑えたら砂糖を三温糖とか黒糖混ぜるとか、自由にアレンジしちゃってください。 まずは基本から!! 4:1:1とちょっとの酢、混ぜない、煮詰めない。 ほら簡単。 ではまたそのうち~👋 #zerostyle #ゼロスタイル #八王子 #居酒屋 #和食 #定食 #定食屋 #ランチ #japaneserestaurant #japanesefood #料理教室 #大学芋 #大学芋の作り方 #レシピ

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    Daigaku imo is made by firstly deep frying sweet potatoes with a splash of soy sauce. The deep fried potatoes are then glazed with honey and finished off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. The result is a delicious snack with a crispy outer layer and a soft texture inside.

    As the snack is simple to make, it is frequently cooked at home and sold in izakayas. You can also find daigaku imo on sale at supermarkets and stalls. These yummy potatoes live up to their name, making the perfect snack for filling the stomachs of students who burn the midnight oil. I think we can all agree it’s a healthier choice than instant noodles!

    McDonald’s Daigaku Imo Fries

    McDonald’s Japan has just introduced its new flavor of French fries which made their debut on 15 February 2017. As is often the case, this seasonal speciality will be on the menu for a limited time only.

    Even though daigaku imo is traditionally made using sweet potatoes, McDonald’s Japan have used regular potato fries but taken inspiration from the much-loved daigaku imo with an authentic sauce made from a combination of thick honey and sesame seeds that can be poured over the fries. It sure sounds like a mouth-watering combo to me! McDonald’s daigaku imo fries will be on sale for 330 yen, which is a slight increase on the price of regular fries but still fits into the budget of a hungry university student.

    If you have never tried daigaku imo, I highly recommend that you not only try the regular version but also have a try of McDonald’s spin on this Japanese favorite. Chances are, you will love both of them! You could even try this one at home, whether you’re in Japan or not.

    McDelivery Japan Website

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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