New trend in Japan: Babysitting culture

  • No babysitting culture?

    Anyone who has been living in Japan for a while, or anyone who knows a bit more than usual about Japanese culture may have noticed that in Japan there is no babysitting culture.

    The reason

    Unlike other countries like Spain, England, Germany or US, the reason is quite simple. Until recently Japanese women stayed home for taking care of their kids. If they had some part-time jobs and had to be out for long time, they could get help from their family, usually from her mother or her mother-in-law. Their mothers used to live nearby and that made life so much easier for the Japanese mothers.

    Babysitting culture has appeared

    But it has been changing. The centralization of the population around the Tokyo area has made a lot of women leave their homes in the countryside, also leave the comfort of family support behind. Some managed on their own, by staying home all the time. Some could be lucky and find a vacancy in one of the fews (and quite expensive) nursery schools in Tokyo. Also the amount of women wishing to work equally to man has been increasing, On the other hand, there is not enough amount of vacancies in nursery, thus the need for babystitters has appeared these days.

    Where to find “baito” (part-time job) as babysitter

    If you were babysitting back in your country and want to keep earning some money by taking care of cute little Japanese children, then you are lucky. Nowadays, there are some companies like that are looking not only for babysitters, but for foreign babysitters. The need for the kids to learn more an more English and other languages has been increasing due to changes in their educational system.

    This page in particular looks for young people who is able to speak Japanese. Be it in Kanto or in Kansai, they are always in need of people. So if you are going to stay more than half a year (the more the better) while studying in a Japanese language school or university, this is a very nice opportunity. Of course you need to have nice attitudes to be able to work with the children, but usually Japanese boys and girls are not really difficult to handle. And when it comes to the pay, you’ll recognize there is nothing bad about this “baito”.

    For anyone interested;