Celebrate the Doll Festival with Baskin-Robbins’ Special Treat!

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  • One of the most exciting things about living here in Japan is how most establishments are prepped up for any event that is to come. While Valentine’s Day may have gone and passed, the next event to look forward to is the traditional Doll Festival, or Hina Matsuri (雛祭り)!

    Go to any department store and you’ll get to see a glimpse of the dolls displayed for sale, or even see a number of items related to Hina Matsuri. Baskin Robbin’s, also known as 31 Ice Cream in Japan (and from now on will be referred to as ’31 Ice Cream), has also jumped on the bandwagon for the event. Make sure to celebrate Hina Matsuri early with 31 Ice Cream’s Special Treat!

    What is Hina Matsuri?


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    First of all, what is Hina Matsuri? Hina Matsuri is an annual event that is celebrated on the 3rd of March in Japan. Hina Matsuri is also known as the Doll’s or Girl’s Festival. Hina Matsuri is celebrated to wish for the growth, health, and happiness of little girls, and has been a tradition ever since the Heian Period (794-1192).

    One major custom of Hina Matsuri is the Hinadan (雛壇), a tiered stand, where the Hina Ningyo (雛人形) or the dolls, are placed in. There are many varieties of Hinadan available, some with two to seven dolls or even more. They are quite expensive, with prices ranging from 30,000 yen! The belief is that displaying a Hinadan at home will remove evil spirits and fulfill the parents’ wish for their daughters.

    31 Ice Cream’s Hina Matsuri Special

    31 Ice Cream is also joining in the tradition with their Hina Matsuri Girl’s Festival in 2017, which is running from February 15th until Hina Matsuri on March 3rd. One thing to look forward to is the Hinadan Kazari (ひなだんかざり) which will only be sold in limited numbers.

    During the duration of the event, you can choose five flavors of your choice and each of the scoops will get their own Hina Matsuri confectionary layered out in a two-tiered Hinadan. If you opt for takeout, the ice cream also have a special Hina Matsuri Box. The price for the Hinadan Kazari is sold for 1,640 yen (tax included).

    31 Ice Cream Pink Day

    Aside from the Hina Matsuri special that they have, 31 Ice Cream will also hold the Pink Day on the 2nd and 3rd of March. Anyone who wears or brings anything pink on the said dates and purchases eligible items on the menu will get an additional free scoop as a present for the event!

    Items that are eligible for the extra scoop are Kids, Regular and King Cone, the Small and Regular Double Cone and Triple Pop. Orders in cups are also included, but not for takeout orders.

    I’m pretty sure that the majority of you living here in Japan has seen the preparations being made for this year’s Hina Matsuri. The event is one that is being celebrated for the well-being of the daughters in the house or for girls and women in general. The Hinadan Kazari that 31 Ice Cream has in store is also cute and perfect for Hina Matsuri, so why not grab one to eat with the family?

    31 Ice Cream’s website *Japanese only

    There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.

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