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  • Secret, Mystery and Adventure…they are ninjas related words. What do you think about adding them to you meal? Well, one of most interesting things about Japan is, for sure, the food. Having a meal here is far more than tasting exotic or raw sources of proteins (fish, seafood, vegetables, tofu). It is surprising how Japanese turn a natural habit to a fun and unforgettable moment. So if you are adventurous eater, and are looking for an exciting gastronomic experience, you should include the Ninja Restaurant in your must go restaurant list in Japan. It is one of my favorite place located in Kyoto. Aside for Kyoto branch, there are only 2 branches in this style restaurants in the world. One in Tokyo and the other in New York.

    More than eating


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    You can enjoy the Ninja performances by the time you have your very delicious meal. The dishes include the traditional Japanese sushi and many kinds of dishes from French, Italian and Chinese cuisine, adapted to Japanese taste, which means they are rich in flavors, but light in sugar, fat and salt. Prices vary from one thousand yen to higher than nine thousand yen, depend on time (Lunch or dinner) and the course you choose. But independent of what you pick, the Ninja Restaurant will give taste of mysterious and the most remarkable of ninja art, the hospitality.


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    Ninja Kyoto has many options


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    The concepts of the Ninja Restaurant is to intrigue the guest, involving them in the mysterious atmosphere of ancients Ninja world. Every dish is well-designed and brings to the guest more than tasty. Some of them include special way to be served and Ninja will do it for you. Using tricks, they will surprise you with unexpected reactions on your table and plate (Pure Chemistry)! I am refraining myself to telling too much, because I do not want to take your join of being surprised by it.

    4 Exciting Courses


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    In Kyoto, Ninja Restaurant offers four exciting courses 1) Sweet of Ninja 2) Restaurant & labyrinth, 3) Dinner theater, and 4) Shabu-shabu ninja. At sweet of ninja you can eat as much as you can for 90 min and pay less than two thousand yen, what is called “tabehodai” (食べ放題). At Ninja Labyrinth you can have more fun and try more sophisticated dishes. But first you need to pass through the Ninja labyrinth and riding in the cave and then wait for some mysterious waitress to come from nowhere to take your order. By the time you enjoy your meal, Ninja may jump in you cave to perform some magic. I have not tried the other options yet, because it needs reservation, and I have been that lucky to get it in my holidays.

    Ninja Akasaka(Tokyo) Website
    Ninja Akasaka(Tokyo) Access

    *Ninja Kyoto is permanently closed as of January 2019.

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