Japanese Youthful Skin Secret

  • It seems like every woman in the world is envious of Japanese beauty. Who would not be? Japanese women are known to have beautiful porcelain skin. Walking on the streets in Japan, you will be mesmerized by the number of beautiful women walking around. You would totally ask yourself if Japan really has a problem with the young population when all its women are so youthful.

    The question is how do these women do this? How do they maintain their glowing skin?


    The secret is their diet. You are what you eat. Japan’s diet is a very healthy one. They do not load up on burgers, high-calorie diet or oily cuisines. In fact, their staple foods are known for benefitting the skin. They also load up on fruits high in vitamins and antioxidants. Take, for example, this list of Japanese food and the beauty benefit they bring.


    Japan is known for its sushi and various fish delicacies. Since fish is rich in Omega 3, a fatty acid contained in it regulates oil production and hydration of skin cells. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory capabilities that help the skin protection from sun damage and repairing.

    Daikon Radish

    Japanese diet includes daikon or radish. The crop is loaded with vitamins A and C and antioxidants that help to detoxify harsh chemicals and pollution that gets into your skin. That is the reason why it is believed that having radish in your regular diet results in healthy and glowing skin.

    Green Tea

    If some western and Asian countries are fond of soda beverages and cola, Japanese women enjoy green tea instead. They even add it to cakes, pastries and chocolate. Loaded with antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea plays a great factor in Japanese women’s youthful and radiant skin.


    Vitamin C is a great part of Japan’s diet. Thanks to the bountiful oranges and mikans growing around the country. During the fruits’ peak season, many Japanese women snack on oranges and nothing else during their breaks.

    Now it is no wonder why Japanese women ‘grow younger’ instead of looking older as they age. We may give the genes a credit, but their staple foods consist of those skin benefiting products and they definitely show in every Japanese woman’s glowing skin. So, bombard yourself with Japanese cuisine and enjoy the benefits of healthy and youthful looking skin.