A best-of selection of the beautiful commercials featuring Kyoto, known by all Japanese.

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  • Japan has a very famous series of commercials with Kyoto as a theme.
    From among these I will introduce 5 especially beautiful scenes.
    As they are each about 30 seconds long, please take a look while enjoying the beautiful music.

    Fushimi-Inari Taisya Shrine

    The head shrine of the Inari Shrines, of which there are said to be about 30.000 in Japan.
    This tall shrine is very popular in Japan, and among foreign tourists.

    Japanese notation:伏見稲荷大社

    Myoshinji taizoin

    Beautiful cherry blossoms welcome the visitors.
    This temple is also in possession of national treasure “Hyonenzu”, the representative work of Japanese ink paintings.

    Japanese notation:妙心院 退蔵院

    Iwashimizu Hachimangu

    The 16 buildings of this beautiful temple, such as the main shrine, are designated as national important cultural properties.

    Japanese notation:岩清水八幡宮


    This temple’s autumn colors are wonderful, as seen on the so-called “Momiji no Baba” (autumn leaf horse-riding ground).
    It was built around the year 830 (Japanese calendar).

    Japanese notation:二尊院


    Registered as a World Heritage site, as part of ancient Kyoto’s cultural assets.
    This “Karesansui”, a Japanese zen garden made from stones and sand, is very famous.
    The 15 stones in this garden are laid out so that 1 stone is always hidden behind another.

    Japanese notation:龍安寺

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