Love Unique Fashion? Don’t Miss This 2-Day Steampunk Event in Harajuku!

  • Have you ever heard of steampunk fashion? It is a style which incorporates 19th-century industrial technology with Victorian aesthetics. Some people in Tokyo are so passionate about this subculture that they formed a regular event called Steam Garden.

    Steam Garden is held twice a year to gather lovers of the genre to enjoy some fun with music, fashion, entertainment, accessories and more. This April, the event will be held for two consecutive days at the famous Laforet Department Store in Harajuku (原宿), a fun event to watch out for.

    Steampunk Style in Japan

    There are so many subcultures around the world that it becomes difficult to pinpoint what exactly steampunk fashion is. The concept of steampunk started gaining recognition in the country just recently but is rapidly gaining popularity.

    Steampunk fashion stems from the subgenre of a mix of science-fiction and historical fiction. It has its roots in the romanticism of the Victorian era and industrialization of some parts in Europe. It has influenced the fashion of people in varying countries, including Japan.

    Gothic Lolita style is considered to have had some influence on steampunk fashion. There is an added uniqueness of this kind of style in the country as it also draws inspiration from traditional Japanese culture.

    Styles can include Japanese kimono and dresses made of kimono fabric. Others created their own kind of look by using Japanese accessories to express themselves differently. There are also times when the element of cuteness can be seen, such as Gothic Lolita dresses with Steampunk style goggles.

    The Steam Garden Event

    The Steam Garden event is considered better than a Victorian time machine. It gives people a chance to re-imagine the cool 19th-century aesthetic, sense of adventure, and playful approach to history.

    It is run by Tokyo Inventors Society (東京発明者協会), which wants to make sure the event will increase visitors’ appreciation for alternative fashion. Every event has a different theme with each revolving around a past era. This party attracts a very fashionable crowd. The group is trying to inspire the younger generation to adopt a distinctive Japanese style of steampunk rather than copying the Victorian or American look.

    Although the origin of the idea of creating this group is unclear, it has been getting bigger year by year. This coming April, the theme will be about the early 10th-century world combined with the “Japanese Taisho Roman (大正ロマン) style with Dieselpunk.” At this event, there will be guest performances and live music.

    Booths will be set up along with the event. They will be selling steampunk clothing, accessories and the like. One-day and two-day advance passes can be purchased in advance at Laforet Museum‘s door.


    One-day pass: 3,600 yen
    Two-day pass: 6,500 yen
    Tickets purchased on the day: 3,800 yen

    Opening Times
    2:00pm to 7:00pm on April 1 2017
    1:00pm to 6:00pm on April 2 2017

    If you’re interested in steampunk fashion then you shouldn’t miss this event. Don’t forget to make Harajuku your next travel destination! Don’t be worried about what or what not to wear, as you might find your next favorite outfit at the event!

    You are welcome to try out your own Steampunk fashion, or you can throw something really quick together to get into the spirit. Just bring along your sense of adventure with you! See you there!

    Steam Garden Website *Japanese only

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