Neru Neru Nerune, A Unique Type of Japanese Candy

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    Neru Neru Nerune is a Japanese snack intended for children, but so much more. It is a do-it-yourself candy. The package contains around 3 different packets. Once you mix these packets with some water and mix, you get a delicious snack. This is great for adults as well as children.

    Flavors and Varieties

    There are many different types of Neru Neru Nerune. The standard flavor is grape, but there are also flavors available in soda, tangerine, and many others.

    Furthermore, you can also find special types of Neru Neru Nerune that make gummy candy. There are varieties that offer gummy sushi, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more! These are incredibly fun to make!

    How to Make It

    In the package, you will find three packets, labeled 1, 2, and 3. You will also have a plastic container for mixing, an attached tray for water and a little mixing spoon.

    Open packet 1 and pour it into the labeled space in the container. Detach the water tray, and fill it, pour it into the mix. Use the spoon to mix until you get a jelly-like consistency. Pour packet number 2 into the mixture and continue to mix until it bubbles up into a marshmallow-like consistency.

    Pour the third packet into the empty container. This is the topping. Get a good wallop on your spoon, dip it into the topping and enjoy.

    Other types will have slightly different instructions. Check the instructions on the package. It will be written in Japanese, but will have illustrations and should be very easy to follow.


    (No Gelatin)
    Sugar, powdered candy, syrup, lactose, glucose, egg white powder, starch, acidifier, sodium bicarbonate, polysaccharides, flavorings, calcium carbonate, emulsifier, coloring agents, thickeners.

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    Neru Neru Nerune is a great gift. Bring several flavors and varieties with you home. Nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or your own young children will love these.

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