How Well Did Japan Do in Mister International 2017?

  • In 2016, Japan Info posted an article about the winner of Mister Japan 2016, Yamagishi Masaya (山岸将也), who was 23 years old when he won the male beauty pageant. As Yamagishi Masaya won the Mr. Japan 2016 title, he proceeded to compete in Mister International in February 2017 as a representative of Japan.

    Mister International


    Mister International is a male beauty pageant held yearly. It was founded in 2006 with its headquarters in Singapore. Initially, the 11th annual Mister International contest was scheduled to be held in December 2016 in Thailand. However, due to the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the pageant was postponed to a later date on the 13th of February 2017 as a mark of respect. The pageant took place at The Stage, Asiatique at the Riverfront in Bangkok, Thailand.

    On average, there are about 31 contestants in the pageant every year. In 2017, there were 35 contestants from various countries. There were many strong and high-quality contestants, but there could only be one champion.

    Mister International 2016

    The Mister International 2016 title went to the 24-year-old Paul Iskandar of Lebanon, who also won the Mister Personality title. Paul Iskandar was also among the top picks in the Swimsuit Round and the National Costume round. His job as a fitness manager and group exercise instructor definitely helped him to attain a nicely toned body, which gave him a huge advantage in the competition that places a strong emphasis on looks.

    As 2016’s champion, he succeeded Pedro Mendes, who was the winner of Mister International 2015. Paul Iskandar is a sports enthusiast who has also appeared in Lebanon’s Dancing with the Stars. Despite his achievements in sports and fitness, he says his ambition is to become a lawyer.

    Masaya Yamagishi

    Since this is Japan Info, which showcases the information about Japan, our readers must be curious as to how well the representative of Japan performed in the pageant in 2017. 24-year-old Masaya Yamagishi of Japan did so well in the competition that he was named as the first runner-up in the pageant! He also won the special award category for Getz Emperor Model Look Award.

    Masaya Yamagishi is very into swimming. He is a competitive swimmer with 20 years of swimming experience. As he grew up near the sea in Chigasaki (茅ヶ崎), he was often out swimming instead of participating in the usual teenagers’ hobbies, such as playing video games.

    Currently, he is a TV personality and gym trainer. An interesting experience of his is that he once trained a 97-year-old man for two years! That surely will look great on his resume should he proceed in the fitness training career, since training an elderly person is surely no easy feat. Clearly an outdoorsy kind of person, Yamagishi also enjoys running, surfing, and photography.

    The second runner-up of the 2017 Mister International contest went to Vinicio Modolo of Italy. Unlike the champion and the first runner-up, the description of Vinicio Modolo on the Facebook page of Mister International seems to imply that he does not have a strong background in fitness, although his appearance definitely says otherwise.

    This 23-year-old man is a Computer and Electronic Engineering student from Cologne who is highly interested in traveling and learning more about culture and history. He particularly has a fascination towards Roman and Greek history. He is also a great cook when it comes to Italian cuisine. Knowing how to take advantage of his appearance, he aspires to work in the fashion industry.

    We are proud to see how well Masaya Yamagishi did in the Mister International contest. Hopefully, Japan will do well again in future competitions!

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