Tsubaki Oil, Japanese beauty weapon

  • Looking at the skin, especially the face, of Japanese women, you can’t help but question yourself “Why was I not born Japanese?”. Yes, their skin is to envy, but we can all be Japanese-like if we take a note of their beauty regimen. Take, for example, Japan’s fondness of applying oil to their bodies.

    Camelia Oil

    Yes. Japanese are not afraid to oil it all up. They particularly use Camellia oil because it quickly penetrates into the skin making it smooth and silky without leaving the greasy feeling. From the tip of the hair to the tips of their toes, there is a beauty regimen using oil for every part of the body. They use it for moisturising and even cleansing. The usage of oil as a skin treatment is one of Japan’s beauty tricks that is even mentioned in old and historical books.

    Short History

    So when did the use of oil for cosmetic purposes start? Camella oil or Tsubaki oil in Japan has been known for thousands of years as a cooking oil. But in Oshima Island of Japan, the women who harvest the oil were known to have very long beautiful hair and radiant skin–and it was found out that it was because they used the oil harvested from the nuts on their hair and skin. And that is how all Japanese women started using Tsubaki for beauty purposes.

    Geishas’ choice

    Later on, the Geishas adopted their beauty secret and started using Camellia oil for removing their make-up, with just a few drops of the oil removed even the heaviest make-up leaving skin moisturized and glowing instead of drying it out .

    Full-body moisturising

    Today, Japanese women use this oil from head to toe. They use it to moisturise their hair, to remove make-up, to moisturize their boy and even to soften their nails. In spas, the oil is also used for massage. There are cosmetic companies marketing the oil products to other countries spreading the good to every woman in the world.

    There are many women who cringe on the thought of applying oil based products on their skin. But Japanese women are not afraid to oil it up. If you want to follow their oil regimen, you better stick with using the kind of oil they prefer, Camellia oil, and not any other.