Which Superb Restaurants in Japan are Spreading Their Dishes Overseas?

  • As we know, there are many Japanese restaurant branches in other countries. However, these restaurants may have changed their recipes from the original dishes offered in Japan. This might be because ingredients of certain dishes are hard to come by, or because restaurant owners decide to tailor to the respective country’s locality by changing and manipulating flavors. Therefore, in order to eat original Japanese dishes, it is usually best to actually visit Japan.

    But what if we do not have the time or money to go to Japan? It is true that the travel time between Taiwan and Japan is only about four hours, but it’s still a pretty long way to go just to visit your favorite restaurant! If you’d like to try some real Japanese dishes without packing your bags, we have good news for you! An event will be held in Taipei City, where you will be able to experience authentic Japanese food!

    What Will This Event Be Like?

    The Japanese food event “EAT UP JAPAN (*Chinese Only)” is scheduled to be held for a limited time in Taipei. It is a great opportunity to experience restaurants that are famous for their high quality in Japan and the diverse cultures related to it.

    Let’s feature and introduce two of the attending restaurants, where you will be able to enjoy fine wagashi (Japanese sweets) and traditional sushi at the event. This famous Vlogger, Ryu, who has almost 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, actually visited these Japanese restaurants, and there’s a video of his experience below! Please check it out!

    Japanese Sweets: Too Beautiful to Eat?

    First of all, let’s introduce Kyoto’s long-established store, Tsuruya-Yoshinobu (鶴屋吉信), which has a history of Japanese confectionery making that goes back about 200 years. Some of their philosophy of making sweets is “in order to make the best specialty, there are two things you need: ingredients and hard work.”

    Since wagashi is a food that directly reflects the flavor of the ingredients, the makers are continuing to do their best to continuously improve their recipe by choosing only the very best ingredients. For example, they use dainagon azuki beans (大納言小豆) which are the most famous red beans in Japan for their rich flavor and wasanbon sugar (和三盆糖). They not only have a sweet flavor, but also a melting texture in your mouth.

    Look at this picture below! At first glance, it may look like a real flower; however, it is actually one of Tsuruya-Yoshinobu’s sweets with the motif of a flower. It looks almost too beautiful to eat, don’t you think?


    The chef makes seasonal artistic sweets using traditional techniques. They aren’t only enthusiastic about their art; for them, it is a way of life.


    Tsuruya-Yoshinobu is the great place you can feel the makers’ passion. Since the wagashi’s flavor is tasty as well as enjoyable to look at, we highly recommend experiencing it at the event! (*Chinese Only)

    The Sushi Restaurant That’s Always Full


    Next, let’s introduce GINZA KYUBEY (銀座久兵衛), one of Japan’s most famous sushi restaurants. GINZA KYUBEY is a long-established store with a history of about 80 years. It is one of the leading restaurants in Japanese sushi culture.

    While it continues to make dishes that inherit flavors from the Edo period (江戸時代), it also offers innovative dishes to meet customer demand, such as being the first restaurant in the world to serve sea urchin rolled sushi.

    Their high-quality sushi continues to attract sushi fans, including the Japanese prime minister. It is very difficult to make a reservation at this restaurant, but at this event, you can experience its taste while in Taiwan without having to book months in advance!

    Freshness is the most important thing to bring out the best in the flavor of sushi. Surprisingly, the sushi below is still moving even after being chopped and served! You can’t get much fresher than that!


    As well as creating and serving these delicious dishes, the sushi chefs sometimes provide a personal service for their customers. For example, in the video for Ryu, who does not know how to eat sushi, the chef teaches him how to eat sushi properly and how to enjoy it.


    Check out the expression on Ryu’s face! How happy he looks! You also must try it at the event! (*Chinese Only)


    You can check out the detailed information of Tsuruya-Yoshinobu and GINZA KYUBEY from Ryu’s video.

    More Detailed Information About the EAT UP JAPAN Event

    This event offers three different areas named “fine restaurant”, “stall”, and “teahouse”. At the “fine restaurant” area, you can experience four different restaurants’ cuisines, including the two restaurants we mentioned above. For example, at été, you can taste sweets made by the chef who has many years’ experience at Michelin’s Restaurant.

    At the “stall” area, you can enjoy delicious Japanese food such as takoyaki (octopus balls), katsudon (deep-fried pork cutlet on top of rice and eggs) and oden (a one-pot winter dish) from the budget price of 50 yuan. At the “teahouse” area, you can experience an authentic tea ceremony, including tasting matcha or sencha (types of green tea) as well as wagashi.

    This exciting event will be held right in the center of the city, at the ticket center on the 1st floor of Taipei Main Station, which is the most convenient location to use a variety of public transport. This is a six-day event from Saturday 25th February to Thursday 2nd March from 11:00am to 7:00pm (the last day is until 5:00pm).

    Without spending money on going abroad, you can enjoy the most delicious Japanese food in the best, easiest way right in the heart of Taipei! Are you interested in going to this event? Check out the detailed information on Japanese top-level restaurants attending the event here! (*Chinese Only)


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