Catch ”Attack on Titan” Star Satomi Ishihara in This Japanese Drama!

  • What do you do when your dream company offers you a job, yet when you arrive, you are assigned a role completely the opposite of what you wanted to do? If you rejected the job, then it might mean you could never work for your favorite company. Curious how a young woman might deal with this? Love Japanese dramas? Then Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko (地味にスゴイ!校閲ガール河野悦子) or Pretty Proofreader, starring one of the Attack on Titan’s actresses, Satomi Ishihara (石原さとみ), is for you!

    Popular actor and model Suda Masaki (菅田将暉), model Honda Tsubasa (本田翼), actress Eguchi Noriko (江口のりこ), Rurouni Kenshin (るろうに剣心) actor Aoki Munetaka (青木崇高), and Amuse senpai, Kishitani Goro (岸谷五郎), are also part of the cast of the said drama series. You may watch this drama from 10:00pm (JST) every Wednesday on NTV.

    Jimi ni Sugoi! Kouetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko

    Kouno Etsuko, a fashion enthusiast, dreams to work in the fashion editorial department of the company which publishes a magazine called Lassy. She had been trying to enter the company for a number of years.

    However, Etsuko had been constantly rejected since the company hadn’t been hiring for years. One day, she finally gets a call from the company. Believing that she has landed the job of her dreams, Etsuko happily heads to the office of the editorial department of Lassy magazine.

    However, to her dismay, she is told that she went to the wrong department, and is asked to go to the inelegant proofreading department instead. The proofreading department’s main job is check for misspellings, missing characters, errors or inconsistencies in the manuscripts before they get published.

    Etsuko meets someone she knew from high school, Morio Toyoko (森尾登代子), played by Honda Tsubasa, working in the same company, but in the fashion editorial department. Under the assumption that she was going to be working as a fashion editor, Etsuko protests against her department head, Takehara Sho-on (茸原渚音), played by Kishitani Goro. Takehara Sho-on advises her that she could transfer to the fashion editorial department if her work in the proofreading department gets recognized. So, Etsuko decides to work hard, hoping to eventually transfer to her desired department.

    Etsuko starts learning the basic principles of proofreading, but finds that she has insufficient knowledge on kanji (漢字; Japanese characters) to proofread complex documents. Her seniors in the department sneer at her and say she is unsuitable for the job. Meanwhile, Etsuko pours her frustrations onto Toyoko and the company receptionist, Imai Seshiru (今井セシル).

    For Etsuko’s first work assignment, she has to proofread the manuscript of a popular mystery novel writer named Hongo Daisaku (本郷大作). Unlike her other colleagues, Etsuko goes out of her way to explore the manuscript by going to actual locations to verify facts. Her unique way of tackling her work gets on the nerves of Kaizuka Hachiro (貝塚八郎), the editor in charge.

    With Etsuko’s fascination with the novel she is proofreading, she decides to meet up with Daisaku Hongo. Meanwhile, she is asked by her editor to look for a candidate to be the first exclusive male model for their magazine. She finds a man named Orihara Yukito (折原幸人) through browsing photos on the internet. She helplessly falls in love with his dashing good looks. Yukito declines at first since he has no interest in being a model, and it turns out that there is a very good reason why.

    In spite of the worries Etsuko has, she works hard as a proofreader in her own unique way and discovers the charisma of proofreading little by little.

    Jimi ni Sugoi! Kouetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko Characters

    Satomi Ishihara plays the main character, Kouno Etsuko. Suda Masaki plays as the eccentric chosen model, Orihara Yukito.

    Honda Tsubasa plays Etsuko’s classmate in high school and colleague at work, Morio Toyoko. She is an editor in the fashion editorial department and the editor who invited Orihara Yukito to be an exclusive model for their magazine.

    Aoki Munetaka plays Kaizuka Hachiro, an editor who works at the literary editorial department. He looks down on the proofreading department.

    Kishitani Goro plays as Takehara Sho-on, the main head of the proofreading department. He hires Etsuko as a proofreader and watches over her.

    Satomi Ishihara’s Other Projects

    Satomi Ishihara was born on December 24, 1986. She started as an actress in 2003 with the drama, Mado wo Aketara (窓を開けたら) and film, My Grandpa (わたしのグランパ).

    Ishihara has won many awards for her stunning performance in the film My Grandpa, such as Best Newcomer, Rookie of the Year and Best Actress awards. Mado wo Aketara was followed by Kimi wa Petto (きみはペット) with Matsumoto Jun (松本潤) and Koyuki (小雪).

    Ishihara landed her first asadora (朝ドラ; morning drama), entitled Teruteru Kazoku (てるてる家族) when she was only 17 years old. She played as Iwata Fuyuko (岩田冬子), a young woman who finds joy in making bread. Her acting in the said asadora earned her two awards, Broadcast Newcomer and Best Newcomer at the Golden Arrow Awards.

    There’s no stopping Satomi Ishihara since she starred in so many dramas and films notably Waterboys 2, Be-Bop Highschool, Hyoten 2006 (氷点), Nurse Aoi (ナースあおい), Hanayome to Papa (花嫁とパパ), Hidarime Tantei EYE (左目探偵EYE), Voice, and Rich Man, Poor Woman. One of her latest drama series is From Five to Nine (5時から9時まで) which she co-starred with popular Johnny’s idol, Yamashita Tomohisa (山下智久). Ishihara also starred in the live-action film adaptation of Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人) as Hanji while her latest movie work is Shin Godzilla.

    Satomi Ishihara reported to be dating Yamashita Tomohisa?

    Satomi Ishihara and Yamashita Tomohisa co-starred in the From Five to Nine. Ishihara was seen attending Yamapi’s home party for the drama. It was reported that Ishihara got attracted to Yamapi after filming several kiss scenes in the last episode of From Five to Nine.

    After the filming of the drama, Ishihara went out for meals with her co-star frequently. According to a drama acquaintance, three or four of them met as a group, and later the pair would go off by themselves. On the night Ishihara was spotted, it was also the same night that the cast was having a home party at Yamapi’s home.

    Personal Thoughts on Satomi Ishihara

    I first saw Satomi Ishihara through the dramas Kimi wa Petto and Hanayome to Papa. I really liked her in those two shows. What’s more, she nailed her character, Hanji, in Attack on Titan. She received a lot of praise for her acting there.

    Her cheerful acting in From Five to Nine also won my heart. I haven’t completely watched all her dramas and films so I’m hoping to watch them all and get to know her more!

    So why not check out this beautiful and talented actress in the drama Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko on Wednesdays on NTV?