3 MUST WATCH YouTube channels for Japanese food lovers

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  • If you do not understand Japanese but love cooking Japanese food or simply just love watching Japanese cooking videos, these three channels are the best choices for you!

    Cooking with Dog

    This is one of the most popular Japanese cooking YouTube channels. It almost reaches 1 million subscribers. As you may guess from the title, this channel figures a mysterious Japanese chef cooking along with a dog named Francis.

    In every video, Francis sits obediently watching the chef cook many delicious looking Japanese dishes and gives us instruction in English. Chef looks really kind and the way she cooks truly shows her passion for cooking. They recently started a series called “Go! Francis!” where Francis will take you to many foods related places to introduce Japanese food culture. Please watch and enjoy.

    Please note, Francis sadly passed away in 2016 so the channel has not been updated since then.

    Youtube Cannel


    It recently hit 600000 subscribers on YouTube and got an interview with Japan Times. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, this channel shows the beauty of Japanese cooking to the world. The way it edits videos make it easy to see how the food is done and recipes are not too difficult.

    I really like the way the cooker explains how she cooks. Apart from traditional Japanese recipes, she also makes cute looking dishes. This is an amazing channel to learn Japanese cooking and enjoy watching Japanese food so definitely check it out.
    Youtube Cannel


    Just send him a food order and maybe you will be on his video! Runnyrunny999 is from a guy named Taro who make videos based on viewer’s orders, which is the most interesting thing about this channel.

    His recipes are simple and easy to replicate. He is funny and he usually spends lots of time at the end of the videos to talk with his viewers, which I really like. If you have any Japanese dishes that you want him to make, send him an order and maybe you will become the next lucky one. Have fun watching his videos!

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