Peace Memorial Park, Okinawa

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  • There is a monument in Okinawa, built to commemorate the Battle of Okinawa and the role of Okinawa during World War II. About two hundred and forty thousand people lost their lives in the battle.
    People call this monument “Heiwa no Ishiji” in Japanese. This place borders the surrounding cliff, with the view on the coastline and breaking waves. It was unveiled on 23 June 1995.


    First of all, Japanese Government built this place to remember those lives lost in the war and to pray for peace. Not only that, but they also want people to pass on the lessons of war. The place is very quiet and can even serve as a place for meditation and learning too.


    The monument walls in this place spread out in concentric area from the Flame of Peace, which is located at the center of the Peace Plaza. There are about 117 monument walls that are shaped like folding screens. Around 69 walls have five folds, and 48 walls have three folds, with a total of 1,212 faces with space for 250,000 names.


    There are 240,931 names, with 149,193 being from Okinawa Prefecture, and 77,166 from other prefectures of Japan, 14,009 from USA, 82 from UK, 365 from Republic of Korea, 82 from North Korea, and 34 from Taiwan.


    If you want to go there from Naha Bus Terminal, you can take the bus number 89, 33, and 36 and get off at Itoman Bus Terminal. After that, please take the bus number 82 to go from Itoman to Gyokusendo Cave and get off at “Heiwa-Kinen-Dou-iriguchi”.
    If you want to go there by taxi, it is only about 22 kilometers from Naha area.

    Peace memorial park website *Japanese only

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